‘Cyber chess, mommy issues’: What Jennifer Lopez thinks of her sci-fi film ‘Atlas’

May 27, 2024 - 6:50 PM
Jennifer Lopez_Atlas
Jennifer Lopez promoting "Atlas" in this screengrab from a video posted by Netflix Philippines on Facebook on May 24, 2024 (netflixph/Facebook)

Multi-hyphenate star Jennifer Lopez took the challenge of describing her latest film on Netflix for only 15 seconds.

The actress-singer used the following phrases and words to give viewers a glimpse of what her sci-fic action movie “Atlas” is about:

  • Cyber chess
  • Lots of coffee
  • Head in a box
  • Sterling K. Brown
  • ARC suits
  • Lots of explosions
  • Spaceships
  • ‘Planty’ the plant
  • Neuralink
  • Pie or Cake?
  • Rangers
  • “My friend” Smith
  • Simu Liu
  • Badass fights
  • Peace to the Fallen
  • Ion bomb
  • Robot soldiers
  • Cubed food
  • Alien mushrooms
  • Exposed eyeball
  • Mommy issues
  • Twists on twists
  • Saving the world

The “Queen of Dance” was able to describe her film with one second left to spare.

“It is such a fun action-packed film,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer is starring in “Atlas,” a movie now streaming on Netflix which she co-produced.

She plays the titular character, Atlas Shepherd, a misanthropic counter-terrorist analyst working for the International Coalition of Nations which is dedicated to fighting AI (artificial intelligence) terrorists.

Atlas, who has a deep distrust of artificial intelligence, is also the only daughter of the scientist whose AI experiment ushered the world into a new era.

She gets on a humanity-saving mission to confront her “brother” Harlan (Simu Liu), the AI terrorist who has led the robot revolution against humans.

The catch — her only hope of saving the future of humanity from AI is to trust it — in the form of her AI-powered smart mech suit, Smith.

A glimpse of Atlas and Smith’s interaction can be viewed in a snippet from the movie uploaded by Netflix Philippines with the caption:

“When you thought you were nonchalant but your inner OA comes out.”

Director Brad Peyton said that “Atlas” is “really about trust and how difficult it is to trust people.”

“Atlas is told through the lens of a woman who’s learning to trust after undergoing a trauma that’s upended her life. It’s a reminder of how we have to have deep, meaningful relationships in our lives, in one way, shape, or form,” he told Netflix.

“That you can’t do everything by yourself; you have to choose to trust people at a certain point and let them in,” Brad added.

“Atlas” is already streaming on Netflix Philippines and is listed as the top movie on the platform on May 27, according to its Top 10 in Movies list.