‘Production is down’: Users lament Canva downtime

June 21, 2022 - 4:03 PM
This composite photo shows the logo of Canva and tweets about it.

Users of a graphic design platform Canva on Tuesday lamented what appears to be a “server error” they have experienced.

Netizens reported that “500 Internal Server Error” appears on their screen when opening the website.

“Ops production is down. Let’s express solidarity to the @canva Developers team,” a user said with a two-raised hands emoji.

“Canva is down! And I haven’t finished my homework yet,” a user said with a sad emoji

“In the middle of the night my creative juices start flowing and I decided to do some work on @canva and the site is down,” a user with a frustrated emoji said.

“Running to Twitter to see if Canva is down. I get up early on my vacation to try and get some work done. The one day I really need to us @canva,” another user said.

Other users overseas also reported that they experienced outages of other websites such as productivity platform Notion, e-commerce platform Shopify, and Disco.

“Canva, Fiverr, Uber, UberEats, PostMates, Several game apps, Torrid and more also down,” a user said.

“Apparently Canva, Upwork, and Shopify have been down simultaneously, depending on where you are in the world,” an author said.

“Hmmmm so @NotionHQ, @Shopify, @canva , @opensea and other sites down due to server issues…Train strikes in the UK and Petrol £2 a litre,” another user from the United Kingdom said.

“Not me in the middle of doing work and Canva, discord, Patreon, and Shopify are all down at the same time lmao,” @Lexual__, an author said.

Downdetector, a website that provides real-time status of websites, also reported a huge spike of reports regarding Canva’s downtime error starting 2 a.m. on Tuesday.

As of writing, Canva tweeted that they “are doing their best” to get back their services online.