Miss Earth PH 2022 Jenny Ramp’s black mermaid look spotlights marine wildlife protection

October 13, 2022 - 3:49 PM
Photo shows Miss Earth Philippines 2022 Jenny Ramp (Photo by @chestersigua via Jenny Ramp/Instagram)

Miss Earth Philippines 2022 Jenny Ramp raised awareness of marine biodiversity and how they are most at risk and suffer from human activity through a photoshoot.  

In an Instagram photo, Jenny poses on the shore wearing a black mermaid costume with the tail wrapped in plastic. She is also surrounded by a pile of plastic trash and a fishing net.

The photo is in line with the pageant’s theme this year, “ME (Miss Earth) Loves Fauna.”


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“Fish, seabirds, sea turtles, and marine mammals can become entangled in or ingest plastic debris, causing suffocation, starvation, and drowning,” the beauty queen captioned her post.

“Researchers estimate that over one million animals die each year after becoming entrapped in or ingesting litter. The most common killer of animals is plastic litter, notably impacting marine animals,” she added.

The Miss Earth contestant also cited that more than 100,000 dolphins, fish, whales, and turtles drown after becoming entangled or eating plastic.

Jenny also called for the proper disposal of waste to avoid environmental harm. 

“Whenever we visit the beach, may we throw our trash where it belongs to avoid causing more harm to the natural environment and fauna,” she said.

The Miss Earth pageant will be held at Cove Manila, Okada Manila in Parañaque City on November 29.