‘1000-word essay?’: Dedication cake earns online buzz for lengthy message

November 23, 2022 - 7:50 PM
Photo shows a caramel cake by Pasteleria Manila (Pasteleria Manila/Facebook)

Some cake dedication does not have a word count limit.

One of these is the viral cake by Pasteleria Manila

On Tuesday, the bakeshop uploaded a photo of its 10×14 inches caramel cake which was filled with a lengthy birthday message. 

The dedication cake is for an individual named “Tristan.”

In an interview with Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital, the bakeshop said that it is the longest birthday message they added to a cake.

The bakeshop said that there is no additional charge for the long dedication.

However, it noted that the store can only accommodate one long dedication per day.

This cake by Patelaria Manila drew laughter from online users who poked fun at the message. 

“Ano ‘to last will?” a social media user jokingly said

“Yun kaaway ko padalhan ko Kaya ng cake na ganyan,” a Facebook user said in jest. 

“Dedication with cake,” a social media user said in jest.  

“Pwede ba listahan ng utang on dedication?” a Facebook user quipped

“Pass your essay 1000 words ilagay sa 1 whole sheet of caramel cake,” an online user jokingly wrote

Some also commended the dedication of the cake decorator. 

“Kudos to the decorator! If I did that, my hands are going to cramp,” a Facebook user said

“Salute decorator !!! Apakaangas,” an online user wrote

“That’s a true test of penmanship!” a Facebook user said

As of writing, the Facebook post garnered more than 8,000 reactions, 1,400 comments and over 4,400 shares.