Is it cake? Fastfood chain launches ‘OG’ cake

September 9, 2022 - 6:35 PM
The photo shows KFC's "OG" cake (KFC Philippines/Released)

A photo of a “cake” posted by a fast food chain restaurant earned attention online because of its enticing look, but is it really a cake? 

KFC Philippines said it is a fusion of traditional birthday cake and its signature fried chicken.  

The cake has layers of mashed potato, corn, cheese, gravy, and a bucketful of KFC Original Recipe chicken. 

The company launched the “OG” cake in celebration of the 132nd birthday of the restaurant’s founder Colonel Sanders

Filipinos have mixed reactions to the “OG” cake. 

“What is this abomination?!” a Facebook user wrote with shocked emoji. 

“Mashed potato po ba yung icing?” an online user asked

“Ay parang ang sarap. Kakamiss naman mag-KFC,” a Facebook user said

“KFC, what is this behavior?” a social media user wrote in jest

Another said, it is the perfect cake for her.

For those who are interested to taste the limited edition birthday cake, they could join the KFC raffle by ordering any of the fast food chain’s products through their online store or app from September 9 to October 11. 

KFC said only 11 people could have a chance to bring home the “OG” cake. 

There is no minimum purchase order required and every order is equivalent to one raffle entry.