How Pinoys are helping each other create ‘perfect fried chicken’ for business

February 16, 2024 - 10:50 AM
Image by Shardar Tarikul Islam via Unsplash

Bayanihan is served in one corner of the internet. 

In a Facebook group, Filipinos are sharing recipes and tips on how to make the “perfect fried chicken”, helping each other out either for business or home cooking. 

Posts inside the group are strictly all-things fried chicken—from asking questions about suppliers, finding a business partner, to showing off one’s cooking open for critique and rating.

In other words, this group is where the magic happens and where secret herbs and spices are revealed.

Some posts mean business with self-promotion.

Some social media users are posting about their newly opened business while others are introducing themselves as chicken products supplier to get more clients. 

Meanwhile, some group members are asking for business name suggestions for their soon-to-open stall, specifying that the name must be something unforgettable.

Facebook users then injected humor in their name suggestions.

Some of the suggestions in the comments were: “UFC: Unforgettable Fried Chicken”, “KFC: Kanto Fried Chicken”, “Ang Manok ni San Pedro, Unang kagat langit ang sarap”, and “Mang Inasar Fried Chicken, Maaasar ka sa sarap”.

This Facebook group named “FRIED CHICKEN SHARING AND BUSINESS RECIPE” currently has over 220,000 members.

It got attention on Twitter when a screenshot of a post originally from the group went viral with 1 million views and over 23,000 likes.

The X user who posted the viral Tweet called it “the collective effort to making the perfect fried chicken”.

Another X user reposted this saying that the Philippines is messed up “to its core but Filipinos and their small communities like this make this hellhole, at least, a little bit better.”

In the face of a struggling community where people are trying their best to make ends meet or thrive with small businesses, a community exchanging practical tips sure makes a difference, one drumstick at a time.

If it proves anything at all, it’s that Filipinos love to help a neighbor and that they sure love crispy fried chicken.