‘Internet comments as AI film’: KFC makes AI-generated commercials inspired by users

December 14, 2023 - 6:37 PM
KFC AI commercial
A screengrab of an AI-generated commercial posted by KFC Philippines on its Instagram on Dec. 13, 2023 (kfcphilippines/Philippines)

What would an AI-generated commercial look like?

KFC Philippines gathered ideas from social media users to come up with an advertisement created with the use of artificial intelligence technology.

Reports said that the fast food chain asked fans through their socials what they wanted to see in the films. These include their ideal characters, what they wished for them to eat and the genre of the movie.

Fans allegedly include various ideal characters — from famous personalities to ordinary people – to ideal film genres and what favorite KFC meals they want their leads to eat.

The KFC team selected popular choices among the poll responses and used AI to come up with short films that harnessed the ideas of social media users.

“We picked your most popular comments, and visualized them with the help of AI tools,” it said in one of its videos.

Here are some of the AI-generated short commercial films the team has come up with:

Space cats 

Wes Anderson film


Family at a beach

Epic Norse adventure

KFC Philippines chief marketing officer Charmaine Bautista-Pamintuan explained that the fast food chain is “always looking for ways to do things creatively and differently.”

“With the advancements in AI, we looked at how these tools can bring to life the collaborative creativity of our team and KFC fans,” she was quoted as saying before.

“These films are proof that no tool can be a substitute [for] creative ideas generated by people — whether from creative teams or fans alike,” Bautista-Pamintuan added.

AI technology refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think and act like humans.

The most popular example is generative AI in which the program learns from huge quantities of data like text and images to generate new content which feels like a human made it.

These include creating stories and producing content like videos.