‘Food dunk’: Cafe Mary Grace, SM Supermalls join ‘barDUNKgulan’ campaign ads

March 22, 2023 - 5:54 PM
Composite photo of advertisements from Cafe Mary Grace and McDonald's Philippines (CafeMaryGrace, McDo.ph/Facebook)

Marketing campaigns of popular brands that involve dunking food are making rounds online.

Homegrown brands Cafe Mary Grace and SM Supermalls were among the new players in the row of creative “dunking” advertisements.

SM Supermalls, the largest group of shopping malls in the country, on March 20 posted a poster that looked like an advisory on its social media accounts.

“To all involved, we are offering our malls up as neutral ground should you ever wish to have an official barDUNKgulan. Trying to stay out of it, but can’t,” it said.

The post has since garnered 4,900 reactions, 235 comments and 670 shares on Facebook.

On March 18, Café Mary Grace also posted a different take on the matter—dipping instead of dunking.

It uploaded an advertisement that featured its signature ensaymada being dipped into its crowd-favorite hot chocolate drink.

The text on the image reads: “Titas don’t dunk. Titas dip.”

“You may dunk, but over here, we dip,” the post reads.

The post quickly became popular among its patrons. It has so far garnered 31,000 reactions, 1,500 comments and 3,300 shares on Facebook.

This trend of food being dunked or dipped in sauces and other flavors started when McDonald’s Philippines launched the newest addition to its meals on March 10—the McDo Cheese Dunk.

It is mainly melted cheese placed on a carton or any container where patrons can douse their burgers for an enhanced food experience.

The McDo Cheese Dunk quickly gained buzz among its patrons and other food enthusiasts in the Philippines.

Due to the growing popularity, American fast-food giants Burger King, KFC, and Army Navy Burger + Burrito later advertised their own burgers and snacks in response to their rival’s new offering.

Korean barbecue restaurant Samgyupsalamat joined the bandwagon on March 17.

It uploaded a poster that featured its signature melted cheese dip. This is normally included in its eat-all-you-can menu packages for customers.

“Buti pa cheese namin unli,” its caption reads.

The cheese post has since garnered 2,900 reactions, 421 comments and 497 shares on Facebook.

A Facebook account collated these posters and shared them as a collage on the platform.

In the comments section, several Filipinos shared their own favorite snacks that they douse or soak into sauces and even beverages like coffee and milk.