What to order from KFC Philippines’ ‘Secret Menu’

December 2, 2022 - 10:55 AM
This composite shows the KFC Secret Menu offerings. (KFC/Released)

A popular fast-food chain unveiled its “secret menu,” signature food items known to a select few patrons only, to the public in time for the holidays.

KFC Philippines promoted and made these once-secret offerings available to more customers last November 30.

KFC’s Secret Menu lineup comprises the following:

  • The Double Zinger – This version of the popular Zinger burger comprises two Zinger patties in a spicy-flavored sandwich. This amps up the spicy experience of the crowd’s favorite burger offering.
Double Zinger (Released/KFC)
  • The KFC Sloppy Shots – This snack is perfect for fans who love to drench their food with gravy. Each bowl of KFC’s signature fries is drenched in the brand’s “Original Recipe” gravy. The gravy-filled bowl is also topped with corn and cheese, thus making the bowl “sloppy shots.”
Sloppy Shots (Released/KFC)
  • The Naked Twister – As the name suggests, KFC’s signature tortilla wrap is offered in its deconstructed version. The fun shots are then placed in a bowl with vegetables and a lot of dressing.
Naked Twister (Released/KFC)


  • The KFC Colonel’s Belgian Bites – These are 12 bite-sized donuts in a bucket that are filled with delectable Belgian chocolate filling. They are also covered with chocolate fillings.
KFC’s Belgian Bites via website

These products were previously only talked about and featured in online food communities as customized versions of KFC’s classic menu.

This time, patrons can now order these items exclusively on KFC’s website, mobile application and GLife, a feature in GCash app.

They may also order them by calling KFC’s hotline at 887-8888.

KFC, a long-time American fast-food brand, arrived in the Philippines in 1967. It currently has several branches across the country.