‘Get a gift, leave a gift’: van Gogh is Bipolar resto launches exchange gift initiative

December 19, 2022 - 12:30 PM
The Kind Wardrobe
van Gogh is Bipolar restaurant's The Kind Wardrobe initiative for Christmas in this photo from its Facebook on Dec. 15, 2022 (Facebook/vgibipolar)

A quirky restaurant in Maginhawa invited its patrons to “experience the grace of unconditional love” this Christmas by continuing its nine-year exchange gift initiative.

van Gogh is Bipolar (vGiB) on December 15 announced that it is once again launching its “vGiB Kind Wardrobe” or “Ang Mabuting Aparador” project where the public can give a gift and take one for themselves or their loved ones.

According to them, it is a “simple reminder of the kindness and goodness of our hearts and souls.”

“This month of December, you are invited to experience the grace of unconditional love by experiencing the joy of sharing [and] exchanging gifts. GET A GIFT. LEAVE A GIFT,” the restaurant said in a Facebook post.

It also said that parents who cannot afford to buy gifts for their children may come and get a present for them in the wardrobe.

The restaurant said it is also its way to honor mothers who work in vGIB.

“If you happen to have extra resources, feel free to leave gifts for The Kind Wardrobe. Will wrap the gifts for you,” it said.

“An act of giving love, is an act of receiving grace. An act of giving grace, is an act of receiving love. ULTIMATELY, ALL IS AN ACT OF SHARING THE GRACE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE,” vGiB added.

The mental health-themed restaurant aims to make the gastronomic experience into a multisensory adventure into the whimsical mind of its creator.

It has no staple menu and its decor changes from time to time.

Despite that, it consistently offers meals made from healthy and organic ingredients for “mood-healing nutrition.”

Its founder, Jetro Vin Rafael, previously said that the establishment’s goal is to provide “unconditional love” apart from a unique gastronomic experience.

“That I may remind people to continuously be gentle and kind to themselves first and foremost, that may we learn to humble ourselves and that may we learn to embrace, accept and celebrate our imperfections, flaws, and weaknesses with gentleness and kindness, and that we may see them as parts of our own unique magnificent being,” he said in an interview before.