WATCH | Three Kian cops face murder charge

August 26, 2017 - 1:18 AM
Cops implicated in the Kian killing
The arresting police officers implicated in the shooting death of Kian Loyd delos Santos are facing murder charges backed by the weight of witness testimony and the outcome of the PNP's internal investigation.

The three arresting police officers who dragged away Kian Loyd delos Santos from the family residence before the 17-year old was shot dead are facing the charge of murder as well as culpable violation of the Anti-Torture Act.

Meanwhile, witnesses at the scene of the arrest have also prepared their affidavits that will be used to shed light on the incident.

The principal relatives of Kian are lodging the murder complaint at the Department of Justice, assisted by the Chief Public Attorney, Persida Acosta.

According to Acosta, five witnesses have submitted their affidavits that tend to point the accusing finger at the arresting police officers as the ones who killed Kian.

“These are more than probable cause,” Acosta said.

She added that the law enforcers’ aggravating acknowledgment that they casually relied on information fished from social media posts to back up their accusation that Kian was a drug runner – after the fact of his death, “makes for a saddening development.”

The parents of Kian are also being prospectively processed for inclusion in the government’s Witness Protection Program.

Additionally, the Public Attorney’s Office has in its possession a mobile phone video that is said to have a bearing on the case.

Furthermore, according to the Philippine National Police (PNP) Internal Affairs Service (IAS), whatever may be said of the shifting pronouncements of the implicated cops regarding their roles and actuations in the incident, there is no disputing that they committed breaches in standard operating procedures.

For one, said Atty. Alfegar Triambulo, they should have brought Kian to their prowl car that was parked near the barangay hall, not to an obscure cul de sac where the youngster succumbed to at least two gunshots fired into his left ear.

PAO’s Acosta had described the fatal wounds as treacherous and intended to kill.

Some 14 police officers in all are to be cited by IAS for culpable involvement in the killing of Kian.

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