WATCH | Bishop: It’s possible Fr. Suganob has converted to Islam under duress

September 1, 2017 - 1:08 AM
Marawi fighting Chito Suganob
Marawi fighting. Inset shows file photograph of Fr. Chito Suganob, who many quarters believe may have been converted to the Islam faith by duress.

ISLAMIC CITY OF MARAWI – It’s quite possible that Roman Catholic priest Chito Suganob, captive of the terrorist Maute Group, has converted to the Islam faith but under duress.

Even as signs indicate the fighting in Marawi is tantalizingly approaching it end, the military, through Brig. Gen. Rolando Bautista, Commander of Joint Task Force Marawi, believes Fr. Suganob “based on information coming from outside, is still alive.”

This development has led many quarters to observe that, for a captive Catholic priest to remain alive this long at the hands of radical Islamist elements, that man of the cloth must have converted to Islam – though not necessarily in a voluntary manner.

The radical Islamists are known to be ruthless in putting to death the kaafirs, or non-Muslims – infidels. Often, this would have meant a beheading.

Bishop Edwin de la Peña, who is a close friend and colleague, said of Fr. Chito: “the conversion under duress, if he indeed has converted, does not serve anything. No one is forced to embrace a religion against his will.”

De la Peña also said the conversion would be understandable, under the circumstances, and is quite possible, “as a way to survive.”

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