Traffic forces 2-day class suspension in Baguio

November 14, 2017 - 10:46 AM
An online petition circulated in social against a proposed mall construction at the popular Burnham Park in Baguio city. (file photo)

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines — The country’s summer capital has been forced to suspend pre-school to senior high school classes for two days after the influx of visitors taking advantage of the ASEAN summit holiday caused mammoth traffic jams.

“Considering the unexpected arrival of visitors and the very serious traffic problem in our city, we have no recourse but to suspend classes in the elementary up to high schools on Tuesday and Wednesday (November 14 and 15),” Baguio City Mayor Maricio Domogan announced Tuesday moring.

Colleges and universities have the discretion to declare suspensions of tertiary level classes.

On Monday, Baguio residents were forced to wait for hours to get rides to and from work or school because of the heavy traffic that clogged the city’s narrow streets.

Aside from the traffic, residents also complained of improper garbage disposal by visitors.

Overflowing trash cans in Burnham Park. (photo by Aldwin Quitasol, InterAksyon)