Aiko Melendez upset over spread of ‘fake’ info about Eddie Garcia’s state

June 11, 2019 - 5:54 PM
Aiko and Eddie
Aiko Melendez with Eddie Garcia. (Instagram/aikomelendez)

Actress Aiko Melendez appealed to the public to refrain from sharing any “fake news” about Eddie Garcia supposedly passing away after pictures of him in an unconscious state went viral.

Melendez is close to the 90-year-old veteran actor whom she had worked with in “Heaven’s Sunset,” an LGBT-themed family drama movie.

The actress said in a post as reported by ABS-CBN:

“Sana people will stop posting misleading news about Tito Eddie Garcia. He is still fighting all his chances to live. The best way we can do is wait for the official statement from the family.”

“I know how great of a man Tito Eddie is, and we are all eager to know his situation. I myself is just waiting. His last movie and the past movies we made together is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

“‘Rainbow’s Sunset’ is something that will forever be etched in my heart. Not only did I worked with a good man but he treated me and the rest of the cast something special.”

“So for now, laban pa din, Manoy! You are loved by many! You are prayed by many! One prayer is powerful. I believe in miracles!”

Melendez’s statement came after Facebook posts with the topic “RIP Eddie Garcia” surfaced at the beginning of the week.

There were also unverified articles shared on the social media platform that falsely claimed the actor passed away.

Latest reports indicate that Garcia is confined at Makati Medical Center and is in a critical condition following a neck fracture obtained during the taping of upcoming GMA television series tentatively titled “Rosang Agimat.”

The case of Eddie 

On the afternoon of June 8, Saturday, photos and videos of Eddie Garcia in an unconscious state went viral on social media. It showed him being carried by several men.

Footage also surfaced showing the actor suddenly losing consciousness in the midst of taping in Tondo, Manila.

Screenwriter and director Bibeth Orteza, who is a family friend of the Garcias, claimed that he tripped on a cable wire in the production set.

“He tripped on a cable wire of the production. Fell face down and fractured something base neck c1and c2,” she relayed in an interview.

Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia in a file photo.

Orteza claimed this prompted Garcia to fall down and eventually lost consciousness.

Initial reports had claimed he suffered a heart attack, as originally relayed by Garcia’s stepson Nick. Albeit inaccurate, the news was picked up by local media.

By the evening of June 9, Sunday, family doctor Enrique Lagman stated that Garcia did not suffer from a heart attack or stroke. Tests showed that he had “severe cervical fracture.”

Orteza reiterated Lagman’s statement and confirmed that the actor did not have a heart attack, aneurysm or a heatstroke.

A co-star of the actor, however, claimed on June 10, Monday that Garcia did not trip on a cable wire, as was Orteza’s statement.

“Please stop making stories about Tito Eddie. Kami nandoon, mas maraming nagmamarunong?” Dindo Arroyo said.

Reports note that Arroyo was at the taping with Garcia when the incident happened.

Arroyo also watched a slow-motion version of the video and claimed that the actor did not figure in an accident.

“Hindi sumabit sa paa ang kable! Stop making up stories!” he said.

Meanwhile, GMA Network said it is “reviewing” the video showing how Garcia lost his consciousness. It added that it is also “currently investigating the absence of a medical team on the set.”

“GMA Network is deeply saddened with what happened to Mr. Eddie Garcia and the management is committed to getting to the bottom of this unfortunate incident,” it said in a statement.