‘Bakit Papa’ in R&B? Newbie P-pop group YARA revives Sexbomb Girls signature song

September 22, 2023 - 7:28 PM

A rising P-pop girl recreated a hit song from Sexbomb Girls with a contemporary, R&B spin.

YARA, a four-member girl group, released their version of the Sexbomb Girls’ “Bakit Papa?”, along with the music video, on Friday, September 22.

YARA, as a tribute to the pop culture favorite, kept the original lyrics. The musicality, however, went from its bubbly fun sound to a mellow, R&B bop with a synth flavor.

Members Gelou, Rocher, Christa, and Kim said that this R&B-leaning style matches their sultry choreography.

“This version of ‘Bakit Papa?’ is more R&B-leaning. It has a sensual feel, matched with sultry choreography,” the group said.

The choreography and the visuals that came with it were unapologetically fierce to add a sensual dimension to the song. These elements make YARA’s modern version fun and nostalgic to listen to.

This cover of “Bakit Papa?” also aligns with Yara’s brand of “sass.”

To achieve this, the members said that they worked closely with their label Sony Music Entertainment. They also noted that they were highly involved in the creation of their music and their artistry.

“From styling to choreography, from coming up with promotional strategies to executing the material, we collaborated with our label to ensure that we get the best results possible,” YARA said.

YARA’s rendition of “Bakit Papa?” is co-produced by reliable hitmaker Thyro Alfaro.

Alfaro is the producer behind popular hit songs from Sarah Geronimo, James Reid, and Sam Concepcion.

Niño of Popinoy was his co-producer.

During their production, both Niño and Alfaro took into consideration the artistic direction of YARA to achieve the track.

YARA is one of the newest musical acts under Sony Entertainment. The label also handles SB19, 4th Impact, and other talents.

Last March, they released their debut single “ADDA” on all streaming platforms.