Attractions, activities Pinoys can enjoy at Ocean Park Hong Kong this 2024

June 22, 2024 - 6:57 PM
(Ocean Park Hong Kong/Released)

The execs of marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park, Ocean Park Hong Kong, dubbed as one of “Asia’s most iconic resort destinations”, early this month visited the Philippines to invite Filipino tourists to experience its offerings.

(Ocean Park Hong Kong/Released)

In a Travel Trade and Media Briefing last June 6, Ivan Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Park Corporation, gave an update about the new attractions at the the theme park that has transformed into a premier international resort.

The park opened in January 1977. It has so far added the Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong, which opened its doors to the public in September 2021, as well as hotels, Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel and The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong.

Whiskers The Sea Lion, one of the official mascots of the 47-year-old theme park also visited Manila to promote the park’s offerings.

The park’s facilities and activities combining fun, education and conservation were also highlighted during the briefing.

“With the addition of Water World Ocean Park and two five-star resort hotels, Ocean Park Hong Kong now offers visitors a unique and holistic leisure and entertainment experience,” Wong said.

“Recognizing the trend towards green tourism and cultural immersion, we have also seized the opportunity to fulfil our mission of promoting conservation and education. Through fun and meaningful experiences, we aim to connect visitors with nature and raise awareness of ecological conservation,” he added.

Wong said he is delighted to know that Hong Kong is the top outbound destination of Filipino tourists.

According to the latest data of Hong Kong Tourism Board, the special administrative region registered a total of 348,102 visitors from the Philippines as of April 2024.

Amid the continued interest in Hong Kong, Ocean Park Hong Kong updated the Filipinos with the following attractions and activities to enjoy at their resort located:

Must-try amusement rides

Amusement ride at Ocean Park Hong Kong (Released)

For thrill-seeking visitors, Ocean Park said it offers an exhilarating line-up of world-class rides. Among these are Wild Twister, a high-speed ride that send visitors swinging and spinning on individual seats as well as its signature Hair Raiser, a roller coaster that hurtles, plunges, loops and dangles visitors around at a massive 4G, with the wind in their hair.

Culture, heritage experience

Old Hong Kong (Ocean Park Hong Kong/Released)

Ocean Park Hong Kong also brings cultural experiences to tourists. They can travel back in time its Neon Lights Up Old Hong Kong, an immersive spectacle of neon signs and a fascinating neon lighting show, live performances, Canto-pop music, and an interactive starlight bingo game. There are also authentic Hong Kong street snacks such as the world-famous Hong Kong-style egg waffles, fish balls and milk tea, being offered in that area.

Enjoy festive events 

Halloween Fest (Ocean Park Hong Kong/Released)

The park has an upcoming Summer Splash 2024 event that will be held in July until August. This features more than 90 activities, performances and photo spots for the summer.

From September and October, visitors will be welcomed by its renowned Halloween Fest 2024. Tourists can enjoy day-time spooky fun to spine-tingling night-time surprises as well as haunted houses with various terrifying themes.

Meet adorable animal ambassadors

(Ocean Park Hong Kong/Released)

Ocean Park initially opened as a non-profit organization and has long advocated for conservation. As part of its advocacy, it allows tourists to get up close with charming animal ambassadors.

It now has 20 animal habitats, each delivering different conservation messages. Among the ambassadors include  giant pandas, meerkats, Sichuan snub-nosed golden monkeys, penguins, seals, sea lions to dolphins, and mor.

“These animal ambassadors not only captivate visitors with their adorable looks, but also take on the responsibility of inspiring visitors to protect the environment in daily life,” the park said.

The park has also unveiled Croco Land giving visitors the chance to discover the non-native crocodile found and rescued in the yard of a village house.

Meanwhile, at the new Sloth and Friends Studio, tourists can witness the magic of artificial intelligence as gentle slots become art icons and star in popular masterpieces like Mona Lisa and The Scream.

“It’s all about raising awareness for the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN Red List), and inspiring people to help reverse the extinction trend,” the park said.

Visitors can also learn more about the ecosystems and biodiversity as well as closely interact with the animal ambassadors of the park by checking out its Get Closer to the Animals series.

Water fun

The Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong is dubbed as Asia’s first “all-weather, year-round seaside water park.” It complements the park with 27 indoor and outdoor facilities across five beautiful themed zones built on the hillside and oceanfront.

The water park offers various water activities in its attractions like the Rainbow Rush, an eight lane-racer slide; Horizon Cove, an indoor wave pool; Cyclone Spin or Tropical Rush, two-tube slides for single or double riders; Thunder Loop or Daredevil Drop or Bravery Hills with three intertwined speed slides, among others.

Chill at five-star hotels

Tourists can also stay at its two international hotels at the resort, Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel and The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong which opened in October 2018 and July 2022, respectively. They both offer a great range of accommodation, recreation and culinary delights.

Those who wish to visit or revisit the Ocean Park can check out the ticket and special offerings on its official website.