More questions raised after NBI doc bares another Alice Guo with same birthday

June 26, 2024 - 7:19 PM
This photo shows the documents from the NBI database which shows two identities with the name Alice Leal Guo. (Risa Hontiveros/Facebook)

The plot thickens in the series of Senate hearings after Sen. Risa Hontiveros uncovered a second Alice Leal Guo registered in the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

In a Senate hearing on Wednesday, Hontiveros revealed an NBI document of another citizen with the same birth name and birthday as the suspended Bamban, Tarlac mayor.

The retrieved NBI clearance alarmed the senator, suggesting this could be an identity theft situation.

“Is it a coincidence that may dalawang Alice Leal Guo na pinanganak on July 12, 1986 sa Tarlac? And is it a coincidence that this NBI clearance was applied just a few days before the date of filing of the delayed registration of birth of the other Alice Leal Guo in Tarlac City? Or is this a case of stolen identity?” Hontiveros questioned.

“Bakit kailangan ni Guo Hua Ping nakawain ang pagkatao ni Miss Alice Leal Guo kung may validly-issued investor’s VISA na papahintulutan siya na mamaligi rito?” she added.

Last week, Sen. Win Gatchalian also speculated that the mayor’s real name is Guo Hua Ping, who was born on August 31, 1990 and entered the Philipines in 2003.

Deeper probe into POGO

Guo’s ties with illegal Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) hubs further expanded as Hontiveros shared that the raided facility in Bamban is linked to Sun Valley Clark Hub Corporation.

The senator stated that Sun Valley Clark, another POGO operation, included a video room where models were employed for love scams.

This type of online fraud deceives victims into providing money or personal information under the false belief of a romantic relationship with the models.

Another facility caught in the web of illicit operations is the Hongsheng Gaming Technology, Inc., as it’s connected to a raided gaming center in Porac, Pampanga. 

According to Hontiveros, these companies can be traced back to the suspended Bamban, Tarlac mayor. 

“Malalapit na kaibigan din ni mayor ang mga ringleader ng ‘Lucky 99’ POGO sa Porac. Kasama niya si Catherine Cassandra Li Ong [Cassy Li] na siyang authorized representative ng ‘Lucky 99,’” she said.

These revelations further stirred more queries about Guo’s long-debated identity and whether any powerful persons were involved in protecting the POGO sites.

“POGO money can influence the 2025 elections,” Hontiveros stressed.

For Filipinos who are following the development about the POGO issue and Guo’s case, the question remains: Who exactly is Alice Guo?

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“To be honest, Mayor Alice Guo’s mysterious identity can be on a Netflix Documentary. Like for real, for real. Who is she, really? Nakakaloka na mga mare!” a Facebook user commented on Hontiveros’ post.

“The equally important question is how someone can successfully steal someone’s identity and get away with it. Our systems need to be reevaluated and changed if needed. Ipakulong din ang government officials na kasangkot,” another Facebook user said.

Others said this could be a lesson learned for voters.

“Nakakatakot talaga yung POGO pag gumapang na yung pera. Pera means power and protection. Sana bumoto po tayo ng tama sa mga susunod na election para sa atin at mga susunod na henerasyon,” a Facebook user remarked.

While many raised concern over the mayor identity’s mystery, some Pinoys joked about it.

“Baka siya si teacher Rubelyn,” one commenter bantered, referring to the teacher identified by the mayor during the Senate hearing when she was asked about her educational background.

“Same rin ba silang lumaki sa farm?” another said in jest with laughing emojis, referring to the famous line of Guo when she was asked about her background.

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