Angeles, Pampanga’s bid for all establishments to install bidets

June 29, 2019 - 9:07 AM
Bidet shower
A bidet installed in the side of a toilet. (Pixabay/File photo)

Establishments in Angeles City, Pampanga would soon be required to install bidets in their restrooms as mandated by a newly-approved ordinance.

Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan recently signed the ordinance which amends the municipal sanitation code, saying it is “great news.”

“The availability of access to a bidet helps in making sure the city is clean,” he said in an interview.

Outgoing Councilor Edu Pamintuan Jr. authored the rule. He thought of requiring the plumbing fixture in business and commercial establishments following the experiences of his children.

“‘Yung mga anak ko po, tuwing nagre-rest room, ine-empty pa po ang plastic bottle o paper cup. Hindi po tama ito,” he revealed in a radio interview.

Apparently, his children would use plastic bottles or paper cups to scoop water in restrooms during times of emergency before.

Pamintuan Jr. also clarified that the city does not suffer from water problems.

“Matagal na pong plano ito (bidet ordinance). In-amyendahan lang din po natin ang sanitation code of the city,” he said.

The ordinance would take effect once the new mayor assumes office in July.

It has already earned commendations from Filipinos, even those not living in the city itself.

A bidet is a plumbing fixture attached to the side of a toilet which usually appears like a small handheld shower. Using one is considered a more hygienic method of cleaning oneself compared to using tissue paper.

Last January, a Filipino developed a smartphone application that helps individuals find the nearest restroom with bidets in cases of emergency.

The app, called “San Bidet,” uses the individual’s current location through the help of Google Maps and finds the nearest bidet with directions.

People can also add information on the bidets listed, report wrong locations and suggest how the app can be improved through its Facebook and Twitter page.

Prior to the app’s development, social media accounts listing restrooms with bidets have surfaced among the local online community.