Students oppose UP top officials’ move to clear accused in cheating scandal

August 2, 2019 - 5:45 PM
UP School of Economics cheating scandal
The student council of UP Diliman's School of Economics, along with various student organizations, urged the administration to uphold academic integrity as it acquitted students involved in a cheating scandal. (Artwork by Interaksyon/Uela Altar-Badayos)

The student council of the School of Economics of the University of the Philippines, along with various student organizations, urged the university administration to uphold academic integrity as it acquitted students involved in a cheating scandal.

The UP School of Economics Student Council said “it strongly condemns any form of academic dishonesty” and called for the school’s Board of Regents to “uphold academic integrity which must always be inherent in UP” amid the incident.

During the Commencement Exercises of UP Manila last June 2017, President Danilo L. Concepcion said: “…[F]or a UP…

Posted by UP School of Economics Student Council on Monday, July 29, 2019


According to the statement released by the UPSE Student Council, the two cases were brought to the college disciplinary council which found the students guilty of cheating after several witness accounts.

Economics Dean Orville Solon also endorsed the verdict which was confirmed by the University Council’s executive committee.

When the cases reached UP President Danilo Concepcion, however, it resulted in an acquittal while the other case remains “stagnant.”

UPSE’s administration decried the decision to clear the students of wrongdoing and appealed to the Board of Regents.

Besides the student council, eight other student organizations urged the Board of Regents to observe a fair process with respect to the state university’s core values.

“Integrity serves as the foundation for honor and excellence, and in order for this foundation to remain intact, there must be no question that the highest governing body of the university will uphold its policies and champion intellectual honesty,” their statement reads.



Posted by Alliance of School of Economics Organizations on Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Act of academic dishonesty 

In December 2018, it was reported that three students in a Financial Economics (also known as Economics 122) class examination compared answers with one another “in more than one instance.”

The act deemed them guilty of academic dishonesty under the 2012 Code of Student Conduct of UP Diliman, the university’s basis for conduct and discipline.

The UPSE Student Council cited Article IV, Section IV.1 that listed acts of misconduct as well as their respective sanctions under “Intellectual Dishonesty.”

Section IV.1.1.c specifically prohibits the following:

“Copying or providing the means or accessing means to copy exam answers, homework, projects, laboratory experiments, term papers, etc.; possession and/or use of cheat devices during an examination; allowing another person to take an examination in one’s name, and/or impersonating another student or allowing someone to impersonate oneself in an academic activity; and manipulating a corrected exam paper.” 

Students found guilty of such violations for the first time would be suspended for a minimum of two months to expulsion. If committed more than once, an immediate expulsion is merited.

The state university, which is supposed to uphold values of “honor and excellence” based on its long-standing motto, is known for its prestigious academic reputation and intellectual rigor.

It has been consistently listed as the country’s top higher educational institution on several international rankings. — Artwork by Uela Altar-Badayos