Kid experts release guide for parents handling COVID-19 infection in children

January 11, 2022 - 3:42 PM
A child reacts after getting swabbed for a free coronavirus disease (COVID-19) test at a gymnasium in Navotas City, Metro Manila, Philippines, August 7, 2020. (Reuters/Eloisa Lopez)

The Philippine Pediatric Society Inc. recently released a guide on what parents should know about COVID-19 infection of children amid the worsening pandemic situation.

The PPSI first published the guide called “A Parent’s Guide on COVID-19 Infection in Children” in December 2021.

The society shared it again on January 6.

In the guide’s foreword, PPSI President Joselyn A. Eusebio, MD said that approximately 12% of overall COVID-19 cases in the country are from children or the pediatric age group.

While majority of them are mild cases, Eusebio acknowledged the sentiments of parents taking care of their COVID-infected children.

This situation led the PPSI to develop this handbook dedicated for parents.

“The pediatrician-parent dynamic is tested as the latter seeks answers to the multitude of queries, and concerns regarding the Coronavirus,” Eusebio said.

“Therefore, the Philippine Pediatric Society launches its newest publication, A Parent’s Guide on Covid-19 Infection in Children-How to Prevent Covid-19 Infections and What to Do If Your Child Gets Infected,” she added.

The handbook covered prevention tips and information about the onset of COVID-19 symptoms, home care and breastfeeding.

Eusebio noted that the PPS Committee on Public Health Education also gathered “the latest scientific literature from reliable sources and reviewed by foremost Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialists in the country” to support the information provided in the publication.

“The Committee will update this guide every two to three months to incorporate the latest data and recommendations on Covid-19. The handbook offers clear and graspable facts that every parent would derive benefit from,” she said.

The PPSI president encouraged others to help spread this publication to more people.

“Let us spread the good news to parents about this latest PPS Handbook. I am sure they will appreciate this addition to their armamentarium in our raging battle against the Coronavirus,” Eusebio said.

In a briefing last August, Dr. Mary Ann Bunyi, president of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines, said that there are also severe cases of COVID-19 infections among children.

“Children contribute a smaller number of severe COVID-19 cases and deaths than adults. In terms of disease severity, COVID-19 tends to be more severe in children with underlying medical conditions,” Bunyi was quoted as saying in a report.

Some social media users have previously shared this guidebook to their followers as the daily tally of COVID-19 cases continued to rise.

As of January 10, the Department of Health detected a record-breaking 33,169 new COVID-19 cases in a single day and 46.0% positivity rate.

This also brought the total confirmed COVID-19 cases to 2,998,530.

Of these, 2,788,711 have recovered and the death toll is at 52,293.

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