Bibingka versions flexed as delicacy lands on TasteAtlas’ world’s best cakes list

July 20, 2022 - 2:07 PM
Bibingka from Baliwag - Buntal Festival 2017 (Photo from Judgefloro, CC0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Different food businesses promoted their own bibingkas or the Filipino rice cake online after the favorite Pinoy Christmas staple landed on TasteAtlas‘ Top 50 Best Cakes list.

Earlier this month, the international food database released a list of the world’s best cakes which was based on its audience rankings.

The famous Filipino delicacy ranked 13th place with a rating of 4.43, beating Spain’s basque cheesecake and different cakes from the United States like the New York-style cheesecake, molten chocolate cake and the Mississippi mud pie.

The food database describes the Filipino delicacy as a rice cake consisting of rice flour and water “in its simplest form.”

It is traditionally prepared in clay pots lined with banana leaves which would impart a distinctive smoky flavor to the dish.

The delicacy has since been remixed with additional ingredients throughout history. It is now prepared with eggs, coconut milk or regular milk, sugar and butter.

Others include grated cheese, salted egg ducks, grated coconut and a variety of sweet toppings such as muscovado sugar.

Bibingka is usually associated with the Christmas season as it is traditionally enjoyed after dawn masses or “Simbang Gabi.”

Following TasteAtlas’ announcement, some food businesses promoted their own versions of the delicacy on social media.

EF Cafe and Restaurant said that the public can enjoy the kakain “anytime of the day” and partner it with their Tsokolate De Batirol or Kapeng Barako.

Vidala’s Bibingka also shared the news on its page and wrote: “Fluffy bibingka for the win.”

It has been marketing its own version of the kakainin as “soft, fluffy and moist” and “rich, soft and moist.”

Adie’s Delight bakery also shared that bibingka has beaten most American cakes, adding that the public can enjoy the delicacy with their freshly baked “Triple Cheese Bibingka Galapong.”

Kabutihan Farm likewise promoted its version and said that Filipinos do not need to wait for Christmas before having a taste of the delicacy.

Filipino restaurant Via Mare also shared that the public can have a taste of the local rice cake by ordering it from them.