‘Hindi man lang ako pinansin’: Alex Calleja, Gretchen Ho poke fun at alleged volleyball fans snub in parody vid

December 8, 2022 - 12:53 PM
Screenshots of Alex Calleja's video where he parodied the recent alleged snubbing of volleyball players to fans (Twitter/Alex Calleja)

A comedian uploaded a parody video on the alleged “snubbing” incident involving a local volleyball team.

Alex Calleja‘s parody showed Gretchen Ho, who happened to be a former volleyball player, seemingly ignoring the former as she passed by him in a hallway.

Alex appeared to cut short what he was saying to his viewers when he saw Gretchen walking in his direction.

He repeatedly called Gretchen as she walked past him. The latter, however, did not bother to look at him.

“Kahit kaway lang, Gretchen!” the comedian said.

In the parody video, Alex lamented in jest how he was ignored by Gretchen, claiming he has been waiting for her for a long time.

Alex uploaded this video on Twitter on December 6.

“Nagulat ako kasi hindi man lang ako pinansin ni Gretchen Ho Kahit kaway o hello man lang!” he tweeted.

He also added the hashtag #MayManiniwalaDitoPustahan.


Gretchen later reacted to this post in a quote-retweet where she supposedly aired her side of the story.

“Naka airpods ako,” Ho said with a peace sign emoji. She also tagged Alex’s Twitter handle.

Several online users who watched the parody video caught wind of the joke and were amused by it.

“Nakakabulag mag-airpods,” one user quipped.

“Hahahaha sorry naka-Airpods po sya,” another user tweeted.

“Sino coach netong babaeng to? HAHAHAHA CHAR,” another user joked. 

Alex was referencing the recent controversy that the Choco Mucho Flying Titans (CMFT) figured in due to a TikTok clip that circulated across social media platforms.

The original footage showed the CMFT players, including prominent figure Deanna Wong, who seemed to ignore their star-struck fans as they were boarding their bus ride to leave Boracay Island.

The CMFT team visited the island for the members’ much-needed vacation.

A motivational speaker, who saw this TikTok video, shared a short this on Facebook. Rendon Labador added his tweet as a text in the video: “Sino po ang coach nitong mga ito? Dagdagan pa natin ng konti pang training sa good manners & right conduct.”

Labador’s video made rounds on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

The CMFT players later received backlash as they were perceived to display rude and snobbish behavior.

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In response to this issue, the team management defended the players against such online hate.

“Unfortunately, what is not included in the viral clip are other videos showing the playing acknowledging and talking to fans and accommodating selfies and videos with them while trying to have their break,” CMFT management said.

The CMFT management also denounced the posting and sharing of these “malicious” posts against its members.

“Posting these innuendoes only brings negativity to our volleyball community and put the wellbeing of our athletes at risk,” it said.

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