Cavite State U student council launches donation drive for victims of campus accident

January 24, 2023 - 6:49 PM
crime scene pixabay
In this photo: A crime scene tape (Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Content warning: The story includes mention of freak accident.

Students and faculty of a state university were asked to help report and remove online footage of the truck accident that happened on campus last Monday, January 23.

The student council of the College of Engineering and Information Technology of Cavite State University issued this request to help prevent triggering trauma and anxiety among students and social media users.

Removing these posts from social media will also help protect the privacy of the victims’ families.

“The CEIT Student Council is truly saddened by this tragic accident. Our thoughts are with those who have been impacted by this awful event,” the advisory reads.

“We advise everyone to mass report or take down the photos of the victim/s in social media as it will trigger trauma and anxiety to other people and to respect the victim’s privacy,” it added.

Reports said that one student was killed while four others were injured at the Saluysoy Resort at the CSU campus after a truck rolled down a slope and hit them.

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Photos and videos of the incident later circulated on social media.

This prompted the student leaders to take action and advised the removal of these posts online.

The council is also coordinating with their department’s guidance counselors for those who are in need of mental health intervention following the accident.

“The council is also coordinating with the College of Engineering and Information Technology Guidance Counselors to cater to those students who need mental health intervention. Our priority is the safety and well-being of everyone. Mag-ingat palagi, Tigers and Kabsuhenyos,” the student council said.

Communication channels to volunteers of the state university’s Psychology Department Center are now open for those who needed mental health aid due to the crash.

Links to the volunteers’ Facebook pages were provided on the Facebook post of CSU’s Psychology Circle.

Through a separate post, the CEIT-SC launched a centralized donation drive to help with the financial needs of the victims’ families.

“This is the official CEIT-SC Centralized Donation Drive for the victims of the Saluysoy Accident. All proceeds will be handed over to the Central Student Government – CvSU Main Campus as they will give it to the family of the victims,” the post reads.

A freak accident 

According to the Cavite police, the victims were reviewing for an incoming examination when the elf truck hit them.

The driver who was identified Federico Baculanlan initially parked the vehicle on a road in Saluysoy Resort to unload gallons of mineral water.

When the driver and a helper were unloading the truck, it suddenly moved forward. It went down the slope to an area frequented by students. The truck hit five college students.

One of the students was reported dead on the spot.

Cavite police said that the Baculanlan is currently in police custody.

CSU later issued a statement to express condolences to the family of the student who died.

“An buong komunidad ng Cavite State University ay nagluluksa at taos-pusong nakikidalamhati sa pamilya ni Elaiza Gebrielle Tesoro na nasawi sa aksidenteng naganap sa loob ng main campus nitong ika-23 ng Enero 2023,” the university said.

CSU’s administration also assured its community it continues to extend help to Tesoro’s family and to the other victims’ families.

“Ipanalangin po natin ang mga bata, ang kanilang mga pamilya, at ang isa’t isa,” it said.

Several students and members of CSU also held a candlelight vigil for the victims on that night.

The final examinations that the victims were supposed to be preparing for were also canceled following calls from the students.