‘Not Filipino-looking?’: Comments about Berlina, Philippines’ 1st virtual model

January 31, 2023 - 6:41 PM
Photo of Berlina, the Philippines' first virtual influencer (Instagram/Berlina)

The Philippines’ first virtual model does not look Filipino, according to Filipino online users.

They expressed this comment in a report that showcased the Filipino virtual model named Bernila.

In a report by When In Manila, a lifestyle publication, Bernila was described as a virtual avatar created to be part of a growing new era of influencers in the fashion industry.

Her face structure was created from over 100 faces to make it “realistic” and detailed.

“They considered every detail of her appearance as an influencer. Her face structure is one of a kind and full-face feature created for the Philippine people’s most liked facial feature,” the article reads.

Here is a photo from Bernila’s Instagram account that has so far garnered more than 6,200 followers.


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There were no details about Berlina’s personality and work yet.

Her photos, meanwhile, showed that Berlina has a light to nearly white skin tone, a slim figure and narrow eyes.

Most of the criticisms about the model stemmed from these physical features. Several online users perceived that Berlina does not represent what most Filipino women look like.

“Except she doesn’t look like a Filipina and may have unrealistic beauty standards. Rename nalang to cute A.I. model na lang since wala siyang bahid ng pagka-Pinay lol,” an Instagram user said.

“Is she supposed to represent the Philippines? She doesn’t look Filipina at all,” another commented.

One online user perceived Berlina’s design to be a copycat of Lil Miquela, touted as the first virtual influencer. She debuted in 2016.

“UGH! Not the Philippines being a copycat again. Can we not create another ‘Lil Mickela’, guys? (richest A.I. influencer). Let’s support, hire and appreciate human models than this thing,” the Instagram user commented.

Others, meanwhile, left comments about Berlina’s figure.

“’No ba yan kumakain ba ‘yan?” a Facebook user said.

“Would’ve been more amazing if her body was of average size,” another said.

According to Forbes, virtual models are making waves in luxury marketing from different brands. These include fashion, food corporations and vehicles.

Lil Miquela currently has the most followers on Instagram with 2.9 million.

“These opinionated, style-savvy avatars are curating our newsfeed powered by human likes and shares. Artificial intelligence never looked so beautiful,” the Forbes article reads.

Aside from Lil Miquela and Bernila, the following are some names of virtual influencers on Instagram:

  • Shudu
  • Dagny
  • Liam Nikuro
  • Aliona Pole
  • Rozy
  • Blawko