‘We’ve come a long way’: Zoe Gabriel, father deny ‘pretend poor’ claims

April 25, 2023 - 11:30 AM
This composite photo shows undated images of Zoe Gabriel and her father (zoeaaleah/Instagram)

“We are not rich but we definitely have enough for our needs.”

The father of Zoe Gabriel and the Filipina girl who made headlines in Singapore, expressed this in a video amid new criticisms against their family.

Last January, Zoe gained buzz after she was ridiculed on TikTok for her video where she excitedly showcased her first “luxury” bag from Charles and Keith. This bag was a gift from her father.

Some viewers, however, mocked Zoe for her perception that Charles and Keith is a luxury bag.

The Pinay teenager addressed these comments in a separate video. She pointed out that the bag is a luxury item for her family because they are not privileged enough to regularly purchase from such brands.

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Last week, Zoe was once again talked about after some social media users accused her and her family of lying that they are poor.

A Facebook user named Elaine Song sounded off her views in a lengthy post that Zoe’s family is supposedly not poor.

“Using a disadvantaged family background is an effective way to elicit sympathy from people, and she appears to frequently use this method,” part of her post reads.

What Zoe, father said

Zoe and her father defended their family against these accusations in a video on April 16.

“We are not rich but we definitely have enough for our needs. For everything else, we prepare for it, we work hard for it and we save up for it,” her father said.

“Yes, and we’ve also definitely come such a long way from when we first moved here 13 years ago and it’s all thanks to dad and his hard work,” Zoe continued.

The young content creator also thanked her parents’ “teamwork” and hard work.

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They also posted a screenshot of their statement in the video.

“The truth has always been out from the beginning—there were never any ‘dirty little secrets.’ While we are offended, deeply hurt and affected from all these wrongful and false accusations, we choose to stay true to who we are,” the statement reads.

“We choose to understand others and be kind. We choose to be peacemakers and avoid contention,” it further adds.

Both of them also expressed gratitude to the people who have supported them.

“We extend our appreciation to everyone who has expressed their support to our family even from the beginning of our journey here. Thank you for your love and support to Zoe, especially during this difficult time. We are ever grateful for you,” their statement concludes.

Following the online buzz on her bag, Zoe was later tapped by Charles and Keith itself to be one of its community ambassadors.

She also collaborated with AirAsia through its TikTok content.

Zoe currently has 257,200 followers and 5.3 million likes on TikTok.

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