Perfume modus? Story about a Pinay’s encounter with suspicious group, scent gains buzz

April 28, 2023 - 5:00 PM
Person holding a spray bottle (Towfiqu barbhuiya/Unsplash)

An alleged new scheme involving an individual asking about an “unidentified scent” at a local drug store was talked about online this week.

An independent singer named Stephanie Jean recalled her sister’s experience of this alleged modus in a Facebook post on April 26.

In her post, Jean said that her sister called tell her about her unusual encounter with a lady inside a drug store near her school at around 5 p.m.

“So my little sister just called me minutes ago telling me what happened to her in Los Baños. Basically, there’s this Mercury Drugstore (Olivarez) a lil bit near her school (UPLB) and she went there at around 5 PM and there was a lady (around her late 30s-40s) who asked her if she could ‘smell’ something cus she couldn’t smell it,” she said.

“My sister took a whiff, and told her it smells okay naman then she literally disappeared right after,” Jean continued.

After her encounter with the lady, her sister then spotted two strangers whom she assumed were with the older woman. Jean’s sister then felt she was being stalked and followed.

Jean’s sister’s situation quickly worsened after that.

“She stayed near the guard and 30 minutes after she felt that half of her body became NUMB,” Jean said.

“The two people with the old lady stayed in the store for like a loooong while, circling the store and WATCHING HER. She was still standing next to the guard,” she further recounted.

“A few minutes later, she saw them get one small thing. She stayed with the guard before she asked her friend to pick her up,” the story continued.

The supposed “thing” or item that the strangers got inside the store was not specified.

By 7 p.m. that day, Jean said that her sister was able to leave the place.

At that time, however, she was still feeling drowsy and partially numb.

“Now retelling the account of what happened, I’m just so happy my sister’s smart enough to get away from that. I don’t know what’s on that ‘perfume’ but it’s definitely sketchy. I don’t know what kind of modus this is, but imagine what could have happened. Loss of sensation and knocks you out?” Jean concluded.

The Facebook user also accompanied her post with a screenshot of her supposed chat with her sister about the incident.

Jean then urged her followers to be vigilant about this alleged scheme.

“Please be alarmed and STAY SAFE. Inform your loved ones about this,” she said.

Jean’s post soon gained buzz on Facebook. It has so far garnered 115,000 reactions, 30,000 comments and 201,000 shares.

Facebook users in the comments section, meanwhile, tagged their family and friends to make them aware of this incident.

As of writing, the nature of the purported modus and the people involved are yet to be verified.