Boy who inherits mom’s skill as ‘manggagamot’ gets possessed by demon

October 31, 2023 - 6:07 PM
Occult objects
(Image by Freepik)

A young man who inherited his mother’s ability to “heal” people became the subject of an intense demonic possession in South Cotabato.

For its “Halloween Special,” the team of popular news magazine show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” (KMJS) went to Korondal City to dive deeper into the story of a young man who was said to levitate while possessed by the devil.

A video of it reportedly went viral on social media, prompting the news magazine to feature it on its “Gabi Ng Lagim XI” for the Halloween season.

According to the KMJS team, the young man called “Mateo” sought the help of a security guard on the night of Sept. 24, 2023.

However, “Mateo” suddenly fell to the ground, started to spasm and then appeared to float.

Security guard Mark Templa said that the young man appeared to float “two feet” above ground. The latter also had red eyes.

Templa added that “Mateo” was also speaking in Latin and laughing. An exorcist said that the ancient language is hated by the devil since it is the “universal language of the Church.”

“Mateo” also threw a chair at the guards. According to them, smoke came out of his mouth before he eventually returned to normal.

It was revealed that the young man saw three tall men with big physiques before the incident. The men had long hair and red eyes.

His aunt said that “Mateo” can see things other people cannot.

It was also revealed that there were faith healers on both sides of their family.

“Mateo” was said to inherit his deceased mother’s ability as a “manggagamot.” They are also known as witch doctors or those who rely on occultism to cure afflictions.

The report said he was initially hesitant to undergo the deliverance since he might lose his “ability to heal,” adding that there were people who would seek his help.

In Catholicism, deliverance is a ministry meant to cast out evil spirits and help the person overcome negative behaviors, experiences and feelings to keep the demon from returning.

The exorcists said that “Mateo’s” ability to heal does not come from God.

Father Rex Manlantao, an exorcist priest from the Charismatic Episcopal Church in Gingoog City, said that one of the reasons people become possessed by the devil is due to their exposure to occult practices.

“O kaya, they have this what we call, generational curses. Kung ang tatay mo ay mambabarang o ang nanay mo ay manggagamot, then, ‘yung mga spirits kasi na nandoon sa kanila, mapapasa ‘yan sa next generation,” he said to the KMJS team.

In the end, “Mateo” was rid of the demon through an exorcism.

He was also advised by the priests to burn the “infested objects” his mother had given him so he could no longer use them.

“Paalala dito na huwag na tayo mag-attempt na gumamit ng mga ganitong pamamaraan, lalo na sa mga nakapag-start na manggamot na they think na galing sa Diyos ‘yung kakayahan nila na manggamot,” Father Azul Lambatan said.

Manlantao added that it is the Lord’s power that remains the “strongest of all.”

“Walang iba. Kahit ilang demonyo pa ‘yan, walang kaya ‘yan, basta sa power ni Lord,” he said.