Filipino K-pop fans report photocard stealing incidents

March 7, 2023 - 1:11 PM
NCT photocards featuring Jeong Jaehyun and Mark Lee (Screengrabbed from GMA Public Affairs/Facebook)

Some Filipino K-pop fans reported that their photocards were stolen in public places. 

These reports came after “Kapuso Mo Jessica Sohofeatured the collection of a teenage Filipino K-pop fan which is estimated to be worth more than P2 million. 

To buy this collection, the fan stole money from her grandmother. 

What caught the attention of the public is the fan’s three NCT photocards featuring Jeong Jaehyun and Mark Lee which has an estimated value of P50,000 each. 

These photocards were inclusions of “NCT Universe” album released in 2021 which only costs between P700 to P1,200. 

The probability of getting this particular photocard, however, is less than 5% since each album only comes with one universe photocard and one regular photocard. 

Stolen photocards

A day after “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” episode aired on Sunday, reports about stealing incidents of K-pop photocards flooded local social media.

On Monday, a BTS fan said a middle-aged man stole her Jimin Dicon photocard. 

“Literal na hinablot niya sa bag ko habang nag-po-phone ako sa bus. Nasa unang seat ako ng bus, pababa siya, pagka-open ng pinto bigla niya hinablot yung pc (photocard) ko tapos bumaba. Nagulat din ako kaya hindi ako naka-react agad.” the BTS fan said.

“[T]his photocard is very precious to me, malakas ang sparks nito sa akin and it gives me joy kaya palagi ko ‘tong dala,” she added. 

“[I’m] literally crying right now because this is my favorite pc and I bought this with hard-earned money,” she continued.  

Another social media user shared that her friend’s Enhypen Sunghoon Engene Zone photocard was stolen in MRT Cubao in Quezon City. 

A similar incident also happened around the University of Santo Tomas in Sampaloc, Manila. 

“Nadukutan friend ko today ng Jeno & Jaemin pc (photocard) & we saw it sa fb, binebenta yung pc P1k in fact that’s only 35-50 pesos kasi D’ICON PC sya. Just because it’s a pc some people think na that’s around 1k+ na agad [sobbing emoji] the impact of KMJS bruh,” a Twitter user said

Jeno and Jaemin are also members of the K-pop group NCT Dream

‘Risking K-pop’s safe community’

Following these incidents, some Filipino K-pop fans have expressed worry over their safety. 

“Not only did you make people view us negatively, but you also risked our safe community. Hays,” an online user said

“The after effect of that one ep in KMJS, it’s saddening kasi hindi lang masasakripisyo yung mga pinaghirapan ng mga kpop fan para pauwiin pcs nila, but narrisk din yung comfort and safety of everyone,” a Twitter user wrote

“May nahablutan daw ng Engene zone poca sa MRT. I bet KMJS exposure ang dahilan nito, kala ata nila lahat ng pcs mahal or tig-50k,” K-pop event host and content creator Kring Kim said

Negative image

Filipino K-pop fans were also saddened about how other people perceived K-pop fans and their collection negatively after the news. Some said that they had worked hard to buy their collection. 

“Napaka-foul. Halos lahat ng kakilala kong kpop fan, friends, moots, pinagiipunan yung pinangbibili nila. Hard-earned money nila, namin. Sino naman ‘tong mga ‘to para magsalita ng ganyan? Tssss,” an online user said

A K-pop fan shared that when she went to a carrier service and she was asked,” “‘di naman siguro nakaw yang mga K-pop mo no?'”

“Bruh that KMJS episode made such huge negative impacts to the kpop community…from making us uncomfortable bc ppl keep asking if nakaw ba mga pinaghirapan natin ipunin to literally snatching our pcs because they think all pcs are worth 50k sana wag na talaga to lumaki pa,” an online user said

“Just want to clarify not all of the K-pop fans is mag nanakaw, we buy it with our own money! and not all of the photocards are worth a thousand peso,” a Twitter user wrote

Collect responsibly

The episode of “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” also prompted calls to collect K-pop merch responsibly. 

“Sa totoo lang, I really understand that urge to collect. but seriously, this should be a wake up call to all K-pop fans, buy and collect responsibly,” an online user said

“This is a reminder to be realistic and practical. If you want to collect then make sure you have the funds to do so, buy and collect responsibly. You know you can still support your faves by streaming their music. You’re still a fan just by listening,” a Twitter user wrote. 

“Fangirl moderately. Collect responsibly. Spend/buy within your means. If hindi pa kaya, then be patient and wait for the right time. Makikita mo din sila/makakabili ka rin ng gusto mong merch,” a social media user said.