How AI is improving job hunting and talent searching in Jobstreet

November 20, 2023 - 2:06 PM
AI technology
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Leading online job board Jobstreet is redefining job searches by incorporating its parent company’s world-class artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the employment platform.

The new initiative leverages SEEK‘s cutting-edge AI technology to offer better job matches, new experiences and deeper insights for Filipino talent and employers.

SEEK is an Australian Securities Exchange-listed company with a portfolio of online employment marketplaces operating across Asia Pacific and Latin America.

The Philippines is the first in the entire Asia region to experience the new platform, which will roll out in the rest of the markets in 2024.

At the program’s completion, Filipino talent and employers can have access to more job opportunities and a larger talent pool across SEEK’s entire Asia-Pacific region.

The AI-powered version of Jobstreet has the ability to assess talent suitability, shortlist applications, and provide personalized recommendations by processing data from various sources, including the talent’s resumes, the job ad descriptions and the employer’s past behaviors.

Job seekers can also see a “Top Applicant Badge” if they are a strong applicant for a position they come across on the platform, increasing their chances of applying for the role. It also creates better matches as their experience and skills align with the job requirements.

Top Applicant Badge
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For employers, they can anticipate talent who may be approachable to discuss a new job opportunity even before a vacancy has been posted through the predictive approachability signal.

Jobstreet said that this feature is designed to assist in matching talent with potential employers more effectively.

Predictive Approachability Signal
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The online job board also said that Jobstreet by SEEK provides Filipino jobseekers with insightful, data-backed career advice and salary information on the platform.

Salary Trends
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Filipinos can also customize their profile visibility on the new platform to signal employers that they are open to job opportunities even if they are not yet actively applying.

The platform said that the feature also makes it easier for employers to proactively contact talent with opportunities.

Profile Visibility
(Jobstreet Philippines/Released)

Dannah Majarocon, managing director of Jobstreet by SEEK (Philippines), said that they have seen an “increasing disconnect between the availability of jobs and talent due to the rise in skills mismatch and the ever-evolving job market” in recent years.

The integration of AI technology in job hunting is the leading job portal’s answer to bridging the gap between opportunities and job seekers as they strive for an overall better job and talent matching.

“Over the last 20 years, Jobstreet has been helping millions of people in the Philippines improve their working lives, guided by our vision of ‘a job for every Filipino,'” Majarocon said.

“As the country’s leading online employment marketplace, we are
constantly improving our platform to meet the needs of our Filipino talent and employers, and it’s now time to say hello to the new Jobstreet by SEEK,” she added.

Grant Wright, general manager of marketplace and AI products at SEEK, said that they are “committed to leveraging data and technology to provide the most effective, efficient and fair recruitment solutions for talent and employers.”

“We have been investing heavily in data and AI for over a decade with strong results, and will continue to do so as we aspire to make our products more effortless, personalized and trusted for our customers,” he added.

Job seekers can experience the new AI-powered platform by visiting its website or downloading the app on Google Play Store or the App Store.

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