‘The most extra in Southeast Asia’: Pinoys’ viral videos get int’l attention

June 13, 2024 - 4:56 PM
Screenshot of viral TikTok video of Patricialourel Funtanares. (Patricialourel Funtanares/TikTok)

A clip of two TikTokers during their livestream went viral for their Filipino “kanal” humor (low-end humor) —something that some people from other Southeast Asian countries have started to notice.

“The Philippines is already the most EXTRA in Southeast Asia 😭😭😭😭,” one Indonesian X (formerly Twitter) user wrote.

In the clip, content creator Patricialourel Funtanares is seen guessing the price of TikTok seller Jenny Chua’s products—before they erupt in a hilarious dance number.

The two content creators both recently went viral in relation to the “spy” allegations against Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo. Their post has over 3,100 likes and 956,400 views.

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“They set the bar real high for us. I feel like my Indonesian friends were disappointed with me when I was in Jakarta because I was boring af lol,” replied one Filipino user.

“It’s funny coz these 2 aren’t Filipinos. 😭 … But yes, this is Filipino humor. We’re extra,” another X user read.

Another video mentioned in the Indonesian user’s post on X was the infamous skit where Filipinos pretend to be in a pageant in queue for Jollibee.

“In the past there was also a video of a Filipino who was on the waiting list at a restaurant and when his name was called he felt like he was getting an award,” the Indonesian X user continued.

Some local X users found the video hilarious, not knowing that Pinoy viral videos reach other countries.

“Pinoy kanal humor recognition we love to see,” one X user said.

“Most OA ASEAN country goes to us,” posted X another.

“Kanal” is the colloquial term used to describe humor that loosely roots from street speak, thus, “gutter”.

It is at times contrasted to “aircon humor” which supposedly stems among people with more privileged upbringing, as illustrated by a content creator who made a lighthearted, side-by-side comparison.

@justineluzaresKanal parin forda winnnn!!! Akyat diaries.♬ original sound – Justine Luzares