‘If they want to…’ Duterte ready to give gov’t jobs to Mocha Girls: ‘To whatever is appropriate to their qualifications’

May 15, 2017 - 10:33 AM
Philstar file photo of Mocha Girls

MANILA, Philippines – Unlike newly appointed assistant secretary for social media Mocha Uson, President Rodrigo Duterte won’t assign high-ranking government jobs to Mocha Girls. But he said that if they were to need it, he would be ready to provide employment to members of the all-female singing and dancing group, who like Uson, also supported him in his presidential bid last year.

(K)ung gusto nilang magtrabaho, patrabaho ko. There is nothing wrong working for government… Absolutely, I see none,” the President said last Saturday, May 13, during a media interview at the Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong.

Asked to what government posts he would appoint them, Duterte said,” Ah well, hindi naman p’wedeng maging ano, secretary [Ah well, they can’t be secretary]” but only to jobs “appropriate to their qualification.”

Walang problema tingin ko sa isang Pilipino na maghanapbuhay [I think there’s no problem for a Filipino to work],” the President added.