WATCH | Decomposing remains of suspected Maute fighters retrieved from Marawi war zone

June 27, 2017 - 10:51 PM
cadaver Marawi
Decomposing remains of a suspected Maute fighter retrieved from the war zone in marawi.

Security authorities in the Islamic City of Marawi reported recovering decomposing remains of suspected followers of the terrorist Maute Group during search and clearing operation as government forces continued pressing against remnant forces who have been holding out.

Meanwhile, more civilians continue to make their way out of the war zone, away from the clutches of terrorist who are believed to have been holding them as human shields.

One of these cadavers was already little more than bones and carcass when it was came upon by a combined team of soldiers, elements of the police scene of the crime operatives and Bureau of Fire Protection, still with a bandolier and magazines for ammunition at his side.

Another one was garbed in the customary dark-color wear of terrorists and bandits, already in an advanced state of decomposition and being gnawed at by stray animals.

The site was near the house of the mayor. The military believed it was here that the terrorists retreated and got cornered for good.

Lt Col. Jo-Ar Herrera, Spokesman of Joint Task Force Marawi, said it is important to adhere to established procedures and protocols for retrieving and identifying cadavers in an armed conflict scenario.

Even as the situation is not yet proceeding toward the resolution stage, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Philippine Red Cross national society has convened briefings with the local government on how these procedures should properly be carried out. This includes the close coordination with civilian and community leaders in view of the sensitive religious dimension, considering Marawi is a predominantly Islamic city.

The military remained on alert to guard against possible acts of sympathizing with the terrorists by conveying persons and supplies across Lake Lanao by boat.

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