Andy asks Tisha: What will happen to our children? Bautista’s wife replies: ‘Universe will take care of them’

August 10, 2017 - 1:33 AM
File photos of Comelec chief Andres Bautista and estranged wife Patricia Paz Cruz-Bautista from Philstar

MANILA, Philippines – Mom thinks what she’s doing is for the sake of her children. But Dad believes her wife is just putting the cross on the shoulders of their innocent offsprings, which could make them face a difficult future.

Apparently gnawed by pain, embattled Commission on Elections chief Andres Bautista burst into tears Wednesday when he told media that he had asked his wife, Patricia “Tisha” Cruz-Bautista, who claims to have a third eye, of the impact of her “circus” on their children, referring to her wife’s public exposé that he allegedly had hidden riches amounting to nearly P1 billion.

Sabi ko, ‘Papa’no mangyayari sa mga bata pag ito ay mabulatlat sa buong mundo?’

[I told her, ‘What will happen to the children if this would be exposed worldwide?’]

Sabi n’ya [She said], ‘No, no, the universe will take care of them.'”

Then Bautista’s voice started to crack before giving in to tears in front of national television and saying, “‘Yong ngang isang aking anak, hindi na pumapasok dahil dito [One of my children no longer goes to school because of this].”

“Is the universe taking care of them now? It’s not fair to them. That’ s the problem,” he added.

In an earlier media interview, Patricia admitted that while the situation where she and her husband are in now is difficult for their children, she said that she had no other choice but “walk the talk” and that she was doing it for the sake of her offsprings.

“Yes, this is scary, beyond what I probably know. I don’t know where this would lead, but all I can tell you is this is what I found and I think it is important enough,” she said.

Bautista’s wife said she had told her children, aged 8, 13, 14, and 16, that, “It’s not your mother fighting with your father.”

“It’s beyond that because at the end of the day, you have to say it’s not okay, corruption is not okay if this is corruption. But we will never know until somebody goes forward and shows this. If it’s not, then great, it’s not,” she said.

Patricia said that she was hoping that “at the end of this,” her children “will understand also why I did it and how important it was that they are taught that certain things are not allowed and certain things, you have to stand up for.”

“Although it doesn’t feel that way now, I hope that one day, their mom makes them proud somehow,” she added.