WATCH | Mananagot: Duterte says cops implicated in Kian brutality will be prosecuted, jailed

August 22, 2017 - 1:53 AM
Duterte open to prosecuting rogue cops
In a complete turnaround from previous pronouncements in defense of law enforcers who get in hot water, President Duterte says rogue cops will face the music.

President Rodrigo Duterte is open to the conduct of an investigation over the manner by which teener Kian Lloyd delos Santos was killed at the hands of police officers who executed an anti-drug operation Wednesday last week (August 16).

“Should the investigation point to liabilities by one, two, or all, there will be a prosecution and they have to go to jail,” President Duterte declared at a Malacañang presser Monday, referring to rogue cops who may be implicated in the murder.

The Delos Santos family has initiated a move to file a murder complaint in the wake of autopsy findings by the Public Attorney’s Office that Kian succumbed to three gunshot wounds, each of which could have been fatal.

President Duterte is well-remembered for oft-repeated past declarations that he will defend law enforcers who get cited for police brutality in the course of doing their job in the brutal anti-drug campaign.

His tone this time at the press conference was a complete turnabout from those past pronouncements after being apprised of findings tending to shine the spotlight on abusive cops, because, he said, “You are destroying the credibility of government.”

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