Despite mistakes, Mocha Uson being considered to educate public on federalism

August 3, 2018 - 6:40 PM
Mocha Uson drinking coffee
In this photo: The PCOO assistant secretary said she is willing to build a coffee shop inspired by the #FIreMocha hashtag against her. (Mocha Uson blog/ Facebook)

Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson is being considered to promote the federal charter on social media despite the many blunders she has made.

Errors and mistakes

Last January, Uson mistakenly described Mayon Volcano as being in Naga City, Camarines Sur instead of in the province of Albay, amid the volcano’s restlessness that time.

In May, Uson was accused on being involved in the clandestine rescue of migrant Filipino workers in Kuwait when she posted a video on her blog that coincidentally showed her presence there with other Filipinos.

The latest was last June, when the PCOO social media team, whom she heads, referred to the country of Norway as “Norwegia” during President Rodrigo Duterte’s honoring of outgoing Norwegian Ambassador Erik Forner.

The consultative committee who drafted the federal charter had proposed to give Uson the job to help in the information drive on federalism and its draft charter.

Concom spokesperson Ding Generoso cited Uson’s large social media reach through her Facebook page, Mocha Uson blog, as the reason for considering her for the campaign.

“I really wanted to tap her. If she can write and interview the Concom members about the proposed constitution and federalism, that would be a big help for our campaign,” Generoso explained.

Senator Nancy Binay suggested that Uson be a resource speaker in the hearings first so the senators will know how she would disseminate the federal charter to the people.

“How the messenger relays the message is important. Clarity and knowledge about the subject are equally important elements,” the senator said.

Uson still maintains her blog, which currently has over five million followers, despite her penchant for propagating incorrect information and making erroneous posts even as a government official.

Binay’s move not to be trusted 

Binay’s move to include Uson in the senate hearings gathered mixed reactions online.

There are those who praised the senator for giving Uson the challenge of proving her worth to the senators.

Others say that this may just be a way to humiliate her more being that she’s not a credible speaker in the first place.

Some say that people should remember that Binay was one of the proponents of the contentious TRAIN law and a member of Duterte’s PDP-Laban party.

On its part, the Concom is willing to teach the assistant secretary how federalism works and its benefits to the people, Generoso said.