Iya Villania says son Leon joins her on ‘dark side,’ also tests positive for COVID-19

January 13, 2022 - 11:50 AM
File photo shows actress Iya Villania and son Leon and a recent photo of Arellano siblings. (Iya Villania/Instagram)

“This COVID is so tricky.”

Kapuso host Iya Villania made this remark in an Instagram post where she announced that her second eldest Leon also tested positive for COVID-19.

“I knew chances were slim but after almost a week, our little kuya (as well as our ate that takes care of Alana) has joined me on the dark side,” Iya said in a post on January 12.

“Leon woke up with a fever and also this morning. Geez… this COVID is so tricky ah!” she added.

Iya, who is pregnant with her fourth child, shared last Monday that she and her husband Drew Arellano tested positive for COVID-19.

They have three children Primo, Leon and Alana.

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Days later, she shared that Leon and one of their helpers were also infected by the virus.

The host said that the couple labeled the quarantine and isolation areas in their house as the “clean” and “dark” sides.

Iya then detailed the events that happened before Leon and one of their house helpers contracted the disease.

“Drew and I had to decide for him to join the ‘clean’ side since he was already on day 7 (although I brought him back to day 4). Thank goodness he tested negative in 2 antigen tests showing that he was no longer infectious,” Iya said.

“So now he’ll continue his quarantine on the “clean” side with a mask on to help take care of Alana who’s mother and yaya are both now in isolation still hoping for the best for Alana, Primo and our 2 other ates who are keeping the home from falling apart while I’m isolated,” she added.

COVID-19 is ‘tricky, not as simple’

The former VJ further vented out how confusing home care for COVID-19 is.

“It’s not as simple as positives with positives and negatives with negatives. The moment someone tests positive and is put in a room with other positives, the most recent positive’s day 1 becomes everyone else’s day 1 (did u get that?),” she said.

Iya also described it as “tricky” to deal with many people in a household.

“This is so, so tricky!!! It’s almost like it’s better if everyone just gets sick na lang so that you can all start and end together, but then you also don’t want to risk it and still hold onto that hope that others are spared coz you don’t know how bad it might actually hit them,” she said.

Amid their struggles, Iya thanked God that she and Drew are already on their road to recovery.

“If anything, given the situation, I still thank God that He allowed for Drew and I to get thru this first so that we could already be on the road to recovery to care for the little ones we love when it’s their turn,” Iya said.

“On the bright side, we might not have the vaccine for the kids yet but at least they’ll now develop the antibodies. Lord, please don’t let it be harsh on the kids,” she added.

Iya then offered virtual hugs to others who are also recovering from COVID-19 as her.

“Virtual hugs to all the people in this same tricky situation!” she said.

Fellow celebrities later left messages of well wishes and prayers to the Arellano family in the comments section.

“Feel better soonest Team A,” Bianca Gonzales commented with a heart and crying emoji.

“Prayers for your family,” Gretchen Ho wrote, with a smiling emoji.

“Praying for everyone Iya!” actress Chynna Ortaleza said.