‘We both deserve to be happy’: Beatrice Luigi Gomez speaks up on split with Kate Jagdon

February 17, 2022 - 11:29 AM

“I loved her until the last day I was with her.”

Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez expressed these words when she broke her silence on her breakup with Kate Jagdon, her girlfriend for six years.

Kate was the one who confirmed their split last November.

“Bea and I have parted ways. I am simply taking this step to move forward and go on with my life. Nothing more,” Kate said on her previous Instagram Story.

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Speculations about their breakup swirled around during the Miss Universe 2021 competition last December.

Bea finished at the Top Five round of the prestigious pageant.

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Months after, in a statement shared via Instagram Stories, the Cebuana beauty finally shared her side of the story.

Screenshots of Bea Luigi Gomez’s Instagram Stories captured on February 17, 2022
Screenshots of Bea Luigi Gomez’s Instagram Stories captured on February 17, 2022
Screenshots of Bea Luigi Gomez’s Instagram Stories captured on February 17, 2022

According to Bea, during her Miss Universe Philippine journey, she and Kate were already having relationship problems.

“When I was on my way to the MUPH competition, after a series of confrontations I learned that she had already been entertaining a person named ‘Adam’ for over a year during our relationship, she’s made out with someone, made a move on other girls, and have been going out more often than usual that there were even times she wouldn’t come home for days,” Bea said.

“I wouldn’t know where she was or who she was with. I didn’t recognize her anymore and things began to change. People warned about what she’s been doing and yet I continued to defend her and even tried my best to make it work,” she added.

Bea also admitted that long-distance and her growth were among the factors that contributed to their falling out with one another.

“Long distance made it hard for us, there were days that instead of talking about how our days went she’d be in a party or playing her video games,” she said.

“I wasn’t perfect either. I focused too much on trying to grow without realizing that I’ve been taking her for granted. All along she had been the victim of this break up because she chose to,” she added.

Despite all the difficulties they had, Bea still wished the best for Kate.

“I can only hope for the best for both of us. I did love her. I don’t regret anything in the six years that we’ve been together. I loved her until the last day I was with her. We both deserve to be happy…genuinely happy,” she said.

Why she kept her silence

Bea kept her silent for a long time because of the fake news, rumors and accusations she and her loved ones had received even during her stint at the local Miss Universe Philippines contest.

She also bared that Binibining Cebu and MUPH tried to “cancel” her and accused her that she was only using her being an LGBT member for “clout.”

“It affected even the things I advocate for, the very people who I’ve been rallying for way before Bb. Cebu and MUPH tried to cancel me and told me that I only used being an LGBT member for the clout. Clout chasing is staying in a toxic relationship just to keep you people entertained,” Bea said.

She later thanked several people who stayed by her side throughout this difficult part of her life.

Last Valentine’s Day, Bea shared a photo with John Odin on Instagram and captioned it “Valentine’s Day.”

She also posted black and white photos of their Valentine’s Day celebrations on Instagram Stories, fueling speculations that John is her new boyfriend.