Ayn Bernos’ ‘Morena the Label’ brand to launch as NGO soon

January 20, 2023 - 10:15 AM
Composite photo of Ayn Bernos wearing one of her products in Morena the Label and a poster campaign for the business (Instagram/Morena the Label)

Ayn Bernos‘ brand will soon be launched as a non-government organization.

Ayn, a former Miss Universe Philippines delegate, has been running her own clothing brand called “Morena the Label” dedicated to empowering people with brown and dark skin since 2018.

After years of being in the business, the 28-year-old entrepreneur will transition it into an NGO that will further fulfill her advocacy.

Ayn announced this big move on her social media channels.

“Moving forward, we will still release merchandise, but we’ll do so not as a sole-prop business, but as an NGO. As we make that transition, we hope to have your support,” she said.

In the statement, the former beauty queen shared that her business started with her college thesis on colorism. It then turned into an advocacy that resonated with many people.

One comment, however, “haunted” Ayn on what Morena the Label’s sole purpose is.

“But there was one comment that haunted me ever since our launch: ‘If this is an advocacy, then why do you make money off of it?’” Ayn said.

“Truthfully, at that time, it was because I couldn’t afford to sustain the advocacy without income,” she added.

Ayn recalled that she also needed extra money to pay her bills at that time.

“I had one employee and bills to pay, and I wasn’t doing well as a content creator and host. Thankfully, because of you guys that changed,” she said.

Following the success of her venture, Ayn said that it is ready to enter a “new era.”

The content creator bared that she and her team are currently selling their remaining stocks at discounted prices and “will no longer be printing merch from our office.”

“It’s a daunting change, but the mission remains strong and steady. Morena the Label is here to celebrate sun-kissed skin and challenge colorism,” Ayn further stated.

Morena the Label’s goals as an NGO were also listed in the post. Among these include the following:

  • Fund colorism research in the Philippines
  • Facilitate events and workshops for the youth, especially in rural and coastal areas
  • Collaborate with non-profit organizations to empower the next generation of Filipinos by cultivating confidence and self-love, no matter their color, feature and size.

Ayn promised her patrons that they would keep them updated on what is to come for her advocacy project in the future.

The morena beauty rose to prominence on TikTok for her content on self-love and body positivity.

She further inspired people by fulfilling her pageant dreams at the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 competition.

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Ayn managed to advance to the Top 30 finalists. Her journey, however, ended there.

Despite her early exit, the morena beauty continued to receive love and praise from Filipinos for representing short, morena girls in pageantry.

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