Ayn Bernos showered with love for ‘redefining beauty’ in Miss Universe Philippines 2021

October 1, 2021 - 11:15 AM
Miss Universe Philippines bet Rousanne "Ayn" Bernos representing San Juan City. (Miss Universe Philippines/Facebook)

Despite not bagging the crown, TikTok content creator and Miss Universe Philippines top 16 finalist Rousanne Marie “Ayn” Bernos continued to gain support from Filipinos who she has inspired in redefining beauty standards.

The San Juan City representative was eliminated when the top 10 candidates were chosen but this didn’t deter her supporters from lauding her for being able to reach her longtime dream of becoming a beauty queen.

“Thank you redefining the word ‘beauty.’ Thank you for making every Filipina proud of their skin and color. Ikaw ay tunay na palaban at magandang Pilipina! Thank you, Miss Ayn Bernos!” a Twitter user said.

“All eyes on you, Miss Ayn. You’ve done well. You haven’t been able to grab a spot on the Top 10, but you surely grabbed a spot to most of Filipinas dreaming to become one — a queen —regardless of the beauty standards. Fighting!” another online user said.

“Congratulations, @aynbernos! So many girls (including me) looked at the screen and saw themselves—for the first time. Thank you for representing so many of us tonight. You are so beautiful, so intelligent, and so wise. Proud of you, Queen! Miss you so much!!!!!” content creator and TV host Hershey Neri exclaimed.

Voice talent and social media personality Inka Magnaye similarly congratulated Ayn for her feat as well.

“Congratulations @aynbernos!! This is just the beginning for you. You have been opening many doors and paving the way for so many to come after you. You did an amazing job,” she tweeted with a brown heart emoji.

Ayn was also congratulated by the English Language Society of the University of Santo Tomas for her achievement.

She graduated from the university with a degree in English language studies.

Ayn has been impressing online Filipinos in her Miss Universe Philippines 2021 journey.

She previously earned public attention for her answer in the preliminary interviews which was noticed by a Supreme Court associate justice.

The morena beauty is also known for being vocal in breaking barriers in the beauty competition.

Prior to the finals, Ayn clapped back at critics who questioned her decision to join Miss Universe Philippines since she does not supposedly fit the usual standards expected of candidates.

The entrepreneur said that she joined the pageant to represent girls who see themselves in her, a fellow beauty queen aspirant.

She immediately joined the competition when the organizers scrapped off its minimum height requirement for its candidates.

The San Juan beauty trained under the Kagandahang Flores beauty camp.

Ayn often posts “Daily Reminders” on TikTok where she shares inspiring messages that tackle topics like self-love and body positivity.

Hours after the coronation night, Ayn shared a TikTok video of her practicing her catwalk which she filmed “after applying for Miss Universe Philippines.”

“Ang hilig ko mangarap at 2am (laughing-with-tears emoji). How to manifest,” she wrote as a caption.

After the competition ended, Ayn said she is grateful for being given a big platform.

“I’m so touched by the messages telling me how well I’d perform if I had the chance to do the Q&A. But I’m not sad because MUP has gifted me such a BIG platform (to) tell my story. Now I don’t need to be on stage for people to listen. Now people hear my voice. This is just the beginning,” she wrote.

Ayn also shared another video of her saying, “Guess I’m back on TikTok!”

Still in disbelief by her pageant journey, she posted it with the caption that was accompanied by several brown heart emojis: “SO SURREAL. Thank you for everything.”