‘A generation of confident Filipinas’: Ayn Bernos cheers Pinays inspired by her Miss Universe Philippines journey

September 2, 2021 - 4:59 PM
Ayn Bernos Miss U PH
Ayn Bernos in this photo taken by Bria Cardenas for Miss Universe Philippines as shared on her Instagram on Aug. 26, 2021. (Photo from Instagram/aynbernos)

TikTok content creator and Miss Universe Philippines candidate Ayn Bernos was touched after some online users on the platform shared that they were inspired by her confidence.

The 26-year-old representative of San Juan City, also one of the hosts of Camp Confidence Radio, said that she was “bawling her eyes out” when she watched the videos of a TikTok trend at which she was tagged.

“Thank you for the kindness, the warm welcome, and for simply letting me be part of your lives,” Ayn said on Facebook on Wednesday.

“I have gone through so much mentally and emotionally for a spot in the Top 30. I am beyond grateful and happy that the message is getting across to the people who need to hear it most — a generation of confident Filipinas. I see you,” she added.

Ayn shared three TikTok videos which featured the song “Mama Said” by Lukas Graham and users posting her pictures in response to some famous remarks on skin color and speaking skills such as:

“Ew, you’re so dark, why are you not using any whitening products?” 

“You should avoid bright colors because it will make you look darker.” 

“How can you speak so confidently even if your grammar isn’t always perfect?”

Part of Lukas’ song is then played on cue and pictures of Ayn flash behind the TikTokers with the following lyrics: “Mama said that it was okay / Mama said that it was quite alright.”

The Miss Universe Philippines delegate acknowledged their posts and encourage others to “raise a generation of confident Filipinas.”

“A generation that doesn’t apologize for being who they are. A generation that knows how to take up space. A generation that will speak up when spoken down to. Mama says it’s okay to like ourselves. Mama says it’s quite alright to try,” Ayn said.

Ayn has been vocal about breaking barriers in beauty competitions.

Last month, she clapped back at naysayers who questioned her decision to join the Miss Universe Philippines since she does not supposedly fit the usual standards expected of candidates.

The entrepreneur said that she joined the pageant to represent girls who see themselves in her, a fellow beauty queen aspirant.

“Someone commented that I must have a mental health problem for even thinking I stand a chance against taller, smarter, and more beautiful women. So let me clarify one thing. I did not join Miss Universe Philippines because I believed I was the beauty standard…” Ayn said before.

“I joined it because I KNOW I’m not, and it’s about time girls like me are allowed to try, too. Every time I start doubting myself, I always go back to my purpose: I needed someone like me on stage when I was younger. I did not feel represented. So now that I can do it for the next generation — why wait?” she added.

Ayn joined the competition when it scrapped off its minimum height requirement. She is also proud of her “kayumanggi” skin tone.

The morena beauty has been named one of the official Top 30 delegates of Miss Universe Philippines 2021.