After baby shoot blunder, Donnalyn Bartolome spreads awareness on child abuse

July 14, 2022 - 5:38 PM
Donnalyn Bartolome in gown
Donnalyn Bartolome in this photo from her official Facebook page on Jan. 1, 2022. (Photo from Facebook/Donnalyn)

Donnalyn Bartolome encouraged her millions of followers to spread her post where she offered ways on hope to safeguard children against abusers.

In a Facebook post on July 13, Donnalyn also said that she created this post to make up for her controversial baby-themed photoshoot, which she had since addressed.

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“I will do my part mag-adjust to prevent unwanted thoughts from oppressors and learn from my mistake but I cannot promise all content creators or influencers will do the same, cause all of us have different perspectives, so please do your part by safeguarding your children,” she said.

Donnalyn also attached photos and videos of herself acting as the second mom to her younger siblings.

“Despite my imperfections, I will always strive to be their best guardian because they deserve a world where they are safe from any harm,” she said.

To encourage her followers to share her message, the 28-year-old celebrity offered a giveaway of 100 CCTV gifts to the first random sharers of her post.

“For random sharers of this post, I will be gifting 100 CCTV cameras that will give you REAL TIME footages so you can watch and communicate with your children wherever you go, cause I understand the life of having to work for your children or little brothers and sisters,” Donnalyn said.

“The biggest gift to me on my birthday was that I am given another purpose. Thank you everyone!!! DON’T LET THE WORLD CHANGE YOUR HEART! LET YOUR HEART CHANGE THE WORLD INSTEAD!” she added.

Steps to protect children from abuse

Donnalyn encouraged her followers to “have children only if you can afford to meet their every need.”

According to her, these needs are food, shelter, education and supervision.

“If you can meet all these, this post should not concern you. But if you can’t afford one of them (for example: you can’t provide supervision ‘cause you have to work to afford their other needs), please start family planning,” she said.

Donnalyn also advised guardians and parents to limit the exposure of minors on social media.

She cited the use of the YouTube Kids app or set the “Not Safe for Kids” feature on YouTube to help filter the videos that children can access on the video-sharing platform.

She specifically called on her fellow social media influencers to do the same.

“You are responsible of molding and guarding your child, not other people, so if there are content creators you DO like and allow your kids to watch, please be there to supervise them,” Donnalyn said.

Concerning social media use, Donnalyn discouraged the use of social media networks with an age requirement.

“TikTok, Facebook and Twitter does not allow minors to use their app unsupervised because they cannot censor everything for you and your child. Parental guidance is vital,” Donnalyn said.

The VIVA Films actress also promoted the approach on educating or informing children about the presence of dangerous individuals and the crimes they commit for their protection.

“Inform your child of what others are not allowed to do to them or what they’re not allowed to be asked to do,” she stressed.

Donnalyn also warned her followers about possible perpetrators within their close circles.

“Foster an environment where your children are comfortable bringing issues to you. Pedophi/ia is a mental illness, and the predators may not stick to just girls or just boys, all children are at risk. Anyone can be mentally ill,” she said.