NCT Dream’s Renjun sings Morissette Amon’s ‘Akin Ka Na Lang’

August 19, 2022 - 3:05 PM
The composite photo shows NCT Dream Renjun and Morissette Amon. (Screenshot from Renjun's live/Instagram; Morissette Amon/Facebook)

Filipinos gushed over NCT Dream‘s Renjun after making a short cover of Morissette Amon‘s “Akin Ka Na Lang” on his Instagram live on Thursday, August 18. 

“This will be my routine from now on, listening to Renjun sing ‘Akin Ka Na Lang’ or if I miss him and wants to feel butterflies or kilig,” a Twitter user wrote

“Napaworld pause ako nung kumanta si Renjun ng akin ka na lang?! walang nagrequest, biglang sabi niya he’s listening to a nice song recently, di ko ineexpect na magmmorissette siya bhe????” an online user said

Some fans also commended Renjun’s accurate pronunciation of Filipino words. 

“The fact that Renjun pronounced the words correctly and how his voice suits the song even though it is a powerful song 🥺 oh god, I want him to sing ‘Akin Ka Na Lang” by Morissette in a full cover, please, I’m on my knees,” an online user wrote

Another jokingly said that the Korean idol is one reason Morrisette’s video singing “Akin Ka Na Lang” has over 154 million views on YouTube.

As Renjun beautifully delivered the line “akin ka na lang,” some hilariously responded, “yours.”

Fans are hopeful that Renjun will have a duet with Morissette.

“Renjun & Morissette duet when,” a Twitter user said.

Morissette also noticed the Korean idol’s cover and reposted a video of Renjun singing her song. 

She wrote in an Instagram story, “OMG @yellow_3to3” with three starstruck emojis. 

Music producer and songwriter Francis “Kiko” Salazar also felt ecstatic after learning that the Korean idol sang the song he wrote. 

“Our song has reached this far,” Salazar wrote in an Instagram story. 

“Akin Ka Na Lang” is a song about unrequited affection. Salazar revealed that he wrote the music for a girl with whom he fell in love. It turned out that she could only offer friendship. He distanced himself for a time to heal.

In 2017 and 2018, Morissette performed in Korea for the Asia Song Festival. 

NCT Dream is set to stage “The Dream Show 2” on September 8 and 9 at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. The concert was initially scheduled for July but was later canceled after Renjun and Mark tested positive for COVID-19.