How DJ Mama Colleen juggles motherhood, profession

May 13, 2023 - 5:45 PM
Colleen Mateo or DJ Mama Colleen during the pollo Skin Solutions Wellness Camp on April 24, 2023. (DJ Mama Colleen/Facebook)

Radio jock Colleen Mateo, popularly known as DJ Mama Colleen of 91.5 Win Radio, is a certified multitasker.

She wears many hats. Aside from being a DJ, she is also an events host, a vlogger and a mom of two, a seven-year-old and a two year-old.

Colleen said it is difficult to balance her many roles but she tries to do so through the help of time management.

“Minsan ang hirap. Ang hirap sabayan ng energy nila, pero kailangan. So pano ko sila naju-juggle? Time management is the key,” the radio DJ said during the Apollo Skin Solutions wellness camp last April 24.

“Mahirap siya, to be honest. Sa mga moms diyan, makaka-relate kayo. Mahirap ang time management but pano siya magwo-work out?  ‘Pag meron ka ring best support system. As long as you have your husband who’s willing to support you in everything that you do,” she added.

The radio jock also said she believes nothing is impossible with the power of super moms.

“Ako naniniwala na as mga nanay, we can do everything. Walang imposible. Sorry sa mga lalaki ha. We are born multitasker, kasi we can do everything. Iba ang mga babae,” she also said.

Skin solutions

Colleen has been unveiled as one of the three brand ambassadors of Apollo Skin Solutions that day.

She was joined by fashion and lifestyle content creator Janeska Margaux Sibug and 24-year-old professional choreographer Aira Casim.

From left to right: Event host Valerie Tan, content creator, Janessa Margaux Sibug, DJ Colleen Parilla-Mateo, dance artist / choreographer Aira Casim and Apollo Brand Manager Nicole Alejandro during the pollo Skin Solutions Wellness Camp on April 24, 2023. (Released)

The three swear by the products of Apollo Skin Solutions.

Colleen said she uses Apollo petroleum jelly for the rashes of her children.

“When it comes to rashes, nakakagamit tayo ng wrong diaper for our baby. Petroleum jelly nilalagay ko tapos kinabukasan okay na siya,” she said.

In her hosting stint, Colleen also said she uses the same product in her drying soles whenever she uses heels in events.

For her beauty regimen, Colleen uses Apollo products, lip balm and castor oil.

“Siyempre kahit nasa bahay o kaya quick vlogging, ang lagi kong ginagamit ay Apollo Lip Balm in pretty in pink. Favorite ko sya kasi fresh in an instant without the heavy make-up,” Colleen said.

“And for the castor oil, part na talaga ito ng beauty regimen ko, para sa akin thick brows and lashes are life!” she added.

The Apollo lip balm is formulated with Vitamin E and made of US-sourced pure “petrolatum.” It has a light strawberry flavor, and is paraben-free.

Castor oil, on the other hand, is made of 100% pure, cold-pressed castor oil. It has a brow and lashes nourishing formula that helps to stimulate the growth of strands and is also lightweight and easy to use.

Another favorite item Coleen is using is the Apollo sebo de macho, which helps minimize the scars from her recent open surgery. The radio jock said she was diagnosed with pancreatic cirrhosis that prompted the removal of her gallbladder.

“Para mawala ang marks. ‘Di naman natin kinakahiya ang battle scars pero to minimize lang,” Colleen said about her surgery scars.

Made of pure mutton tallow, sebo de macho provides moisturization benefits for the skin.

Certified dermatologist with extensive practice in anti-aging and procedural aesthetic dermatology Michelle Manuel said that her advice for fresh scars is to gently massage the area with a sebo de macho.

Guest speaker dermatologist consultant Michelle Manuel during the pollo Skin Solutions Wellness Camp on April 24, 2023. (Released)

“I used this a lot when I was a teenager whenever I get wounds. Thankfully, the scars I had on my legs are gone now. Did the sebo de macho work? Maybe. But when I went to medical school, I learned that the act of massaging the wound is a great practice which helps in speeding up the healing of the damaged tissue and to break up the scar tissue,” the dermatologist explained.

Aira and Janeska also use petroleum jelly in their activities.

“Matagal na din ako nag sasayaw at syempre talagang nagkaka kalyo na din tayo, kaya talagang ung petroleum jelly laging ‘di nawawala sa akin. Malaking tulong talaga ang petroleum jelly sa akin para ma-moisturize ang paa,” the choreographer said.

Millennial Janeska said the product helps her as she deals with dry skin.

“It helps me feel more confident whenever I post OOTD content on social media,” the content creator said.

The Apollo petroleum jelly is a known staple for beauty and health care. It is being used to relieve symptoms of eczema, soothing diaper rash, and eye makeup remover to moisturizing hands and feet.

These products were also highlighted by PHILUSA corporation president Neogin Evangelista, who takes pride in producing homegrown brands that provide practical and accessible products to the market.

Apollo Skin Solutions products (Released)

“Apollo Skin Solutions has been a trusted heritage partner of Filipino households in traditional skin remedies for more than 30 years and continues to provide high-quality products for people who seek to have healthy-looking and moisturized skin. Our Apollo Petroleum Jelly, Apollo Sebo De Macho, Apollo Lip Balm, and Apollo Castor Oil are reliable wellness products that will help you rediscover beauty,” Evangelista said.

Meanwhile, during the wellness camp, participants were divided into three breakout sessions that included bowling, pickleball and yoga at the Tivoli Royale Country Club.

“The prepared activities were designed to encourage movement, build connections, and be intentional about a well-balanced lifestyle. Additionally, we’re happy to share that wellness is always within reach with Apollo Skin Solutions,” Nicole Alejandro, Apollo Skin Solutions brand manager, said.

She also said that the wellness camp is a reminder that beauty and wellness “should never be put on hold.”