Alessandra de Rossi shares inspiration behind her romance drama film ‘What If?’

September 13, 2023 - 9:54 AM

The premise of “What If?“, currently the top movie on streaming platform Netflix Philippines, might seem familiar to some viewers.

“What If?” star Alessandra de Rossi need not look far for inspiration in producing the romance drama.

The actress serves as one of the producers of “What If,” a romance film about two newlyweds trapped in a storm on their island honeymoon.

Alessandra is also credited as one of the people behind the film’s story.

“What If?” tells the story of musicians Jecs (JM De Guzman) and Billie (Alessandra), who embark on an island honeymoon in Camarines Sur to spend the first days of their new lives as newlyweds.

However, their honeymoon takes a turn when a storm traps them in place and turns their idyllic vacation into a case of isolation. This forces Jecs and Billie to confront difficult truths that may tear their marriage apart.

What If_still1
Production still from “What If” (Netflix Philippines/Released)
What If_still2
Production still from “What If” (Netflix Philippines/Released)
What If_still3
Production still from “What If” (Netflix Philippines/Released)
What If_still4
Production still from “What If” (Netflix Philippines/Released)

Alessandra said the film’s premise—of being trapped and isolated—was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the pandemic, may naisip ako na parang, what if—’di ba parang lahat naka-lock sa bahay, parang pabaliw ka na eh,” she told reporters.

The actress-producer is referring to the early days of the pandemic in which the government imposed lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus, forcing people to stay at home.

The lockdowns restricted the movement of Filipinos, allowing them to leave the house only to buy essentials or avail of essential services. This also prompted different “quarantine trends” to emerge among home-bound Pinoys.

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Alessandra shared that such an extraordinary situation made her think about how it would affect relationships, particularly those who have not yet been forced to spend prolonged moments together as an effect of a lockdown.

“Minsan, dun mo lang nalalaman ‘yung ugali ng isang tao, ‘di ba? So parang sabi ko, paano ‘yung couple na hindi masyadong nagsama as, you know,” she said, reflecting about the situation.

“And then, pak! Na-lock kayo on your honeymoon and you have nowhere to run. Parang interesting gawan ng story na ganon,” Alessandra added.

She said that the story for the film was written during the pandemic.

“Ayun, nabuo namin siya,” the actress said, crediting Mike Rivera for writing the screenplay.

“So parang nangyari is, trapped na lang ‘tong couple na nagho-honeymoon sa isang island na binagyo sila, and then lumabas lahat ng problema nila na akala nila wala during the first four days of their honeymoon. Ganoon,” Alessandra shared.

The actress praised her leading man JM for being a “take-one actor,” sharing that the actor was able to “pick up” the role easily.

“Alam niya ‘yung role niya,” Alessandra said.

Apart from Alessandra and JM, “What If” also features the talents of Angie Castrence, Soliman Cruz and Jett Pangan.

It is directed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo and co-produced by Viva Films and A World Of Our Own.

What If” is now streaming on Netflix Philippines.