Ed Sheeran wowed by Manila crowd’s backing vocals in ‘Mathematics’ tour

March 14, 2024 - 4:56 PM
Ed Sheeran_Manila concert
Ed Sheeran in the Manila leg of his "Mathematics" tour in the SMDC Festival Grounds on March 12, 2024 (edsheeran/Twitter; edhq/Instagram)

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran gave a shoutout to his Filipino fans after being impressed with their backup vocals while performing one of his earlier singles during the Manila leg of his “Mathematics” tour.

The Grammy award-winning artist on Wednesday shared a video of him performing “Sing,” his first UK number-one single,” when he performed at the SMDC Festival Grounds at Parañaque on March 9.

Manila was the 60th pit stop and 100th show of his globally-acclaimed “Mathematics” tour, in which award-winning folk-pop band Ben&Ben was among his special guests.

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A video of Ed strumming his guitar in front of thousands of Filpino “Sheerios” was uploaded on his social media account with the caption:

“This crowd [exploding head emoji] Shoutout to Manila for the backing vocals!”


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The video has amassed over 19,800 likes on Instagram and 7,200 likes and 1,400 reposts on the X (formerly Twitter) platform.


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Meanwhile, Filipinos wasted no time agreeing with Ed’s caption of his post.

“45,000 people [in] an outdoor venue. Small crowd compared to other shows, but definitely as loud or even louder than some. Proud to be part of the Filipino crowd. This is how we are as a fan!” an Instagram user commented with a heart emoticon.

“And this is in an outdoor setting! Imagine if we were in an enclosed area where sounds are reflected!!!! So proud of Filo Sheerios,” another user wrote. A “Sheerio” is an Ed Sheeran fan, with the term referencing his last name.

“Manila is and will always be the loudest crowd ever!” exclaimed a different Pinoy.

“Ahhhh so happy to be part of this crowd!!!! Definitely one for the books,” TikTok content creator Gwynneth Recentes wrote.

“Waited for this. I really thought that we are not that loud, but after the show and seeing this video, I was so wrong. It was an open area so I guess it affected my hearing [laughing-with-tears emoji] Manila, we killed it [raised hands emoji] thanks, Ed,” another user said.

It has been almost six years since Ed last set foot in Manila, when he conducted his “Divide” tour in 2018. He also described his other tour in 2015 as his “most crazy, fun gig,” adding that Filipinos were also the loudest crowd then.

Mathematics tour

The artist in his 2024 comeback thrilled Pinoys with his chart-topping tunes from his math-themed albums +, ×, ÷, -, and =, including collab tracks, which span genres of rock, hip-hop, pop, and ballads.

His “Mathematics” concert showcased his versatility as he seamlessly transitioned between energetic rap performances and heartfelt ballads.

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Ed also teased his Filipino fans by hinting that he would try not to make them wait another six years before returning to the Philippines.