This is how you can be productive on Twitter during COVID-19 quarantine period

April 20, 2020 - 8:51 PM
Laptop with Twitter logo
Laptop showing Twitter's logo. (Unsplash/Yucel Moran)

As Filipinos observe home quarantine as part of measures to mitigate the novel coronavirus from spreading, microblogging platform Twitter listed ways on how they could stay productive despite the suspension of onsite work and classes.

Twitter Philippines said that Filipinos can find inspirations, discover new things and get information real-time while they scroll through the platform during the quarantine period.

The platform reported that pandemic-related tweets have “spiked up to 283 percent in March on January and February combined,” indicating that people prefer scouring the text-based social networking service when it comes to looking for information.

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“Staying in their own homes did not stop the Filipino spirit from being united. On Twitter, people from all walks of life are doing their share to help communities and raise awareness to issues that matter the most,” it said on a statement.

The platform said that Filipinos have achieved purposeful activities online through the following:

Creating art to reduce stress 

Twitter said that creative Filipinos have turned to art in a bid to reduce their stress and anxiety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Others have launched commissions in which proceeds will go to donation drives meant to support frontliners.


Local artists have been showing their artworks through the #ArtPH hashtag while the #ArtForMedPH is meant to support medical workers and hospitals through funds from commissions.

Being in-the-know with the help of expert advice

Despite the enhanced community quarantine, Twitter said that Filipinos can still get their much-needed advice from medical experts and credible health organizations without leaving their homes and going to clinics.

The Department of Health regularly releases practical tips on how to keep healthy through short animated videos and colorful infographics that make health-related guidelines easier to follow.

The account of UNICEF Philippines also shares reminders on proper handwashing and maintenance of good hygiene, especially for children, from time to time.

Twitter additionally noted that they have “plenty of informative and practical advice for expecting mothers and parents on how they can proactively spot and address their child’s concerns especially on coping up during these unprecedented times.”

Apart from that, Filipinos can also seek advice from renowned physicians through the HealthXPh‘s Twitter chats every Saturday.

Moderated by Dr. Gia Sison and some of her friends in the healthcare industry, the initiative aims to spark conversations on topics of health and well-being.

Learning something new 

Twitter said that the quarantine period can be an opportunity to “discover a new hobby, continue an unfinished project, or even dive on widening one’s knowledge to have a better grasp of the current situation.”

Filipinos interested in history, economics or political theory can follow user “Lakan” who utilizes the platform to discuss public issues, labor and other topics that people may find relevant nowadays.

“Lakan” even launches short videos and Twitter threads to make his “online lessons” digestible and easier to comprehend.

Keeping a safe space online

Filipinos can also find ways on how to manage cabin fever—a phenomenon arising from prolonged instances of restricted movement—and keep their anxieties at bay through mental health checks.

Twitter account “Mental Health PH” shares daily reminders on how people can promote and protect one’s mental health amid the ongoing global health crisis through the hashtag “#RecoverTogether.”