This app brings job opportunities closer to Filipinos amid COVID-19 pandemic

August 14, 2020 - 9:00 PM
Image by Gerd Altmann (geralt) via Pixabay

Technology firm Appscape Corp. recently launched a location-based job recruitment platform that brings work opportunities closer to Filipinos amid the pandemic.

Through LapitJobs launched last month, jobseekers can find opportunities nearest to them through a radius finder and indicators.

Users of the app can set the radius of their choice.

“When you see all the jobs near you in a ‘Grab-like’ fashion, you can just send your application online for that company, and they’ll be able to read your resume,” Ralph David Du, president and CEO of Appscape Corporation said.

“To add, while other job recruitment platforms require almost ten to 20 minutes of the worker’s time before he can actually find work, ours will require basic information only, and should take up to two minutes only,” he added.

Du said the Filipino-made technology “hopes to provide workers the option to work within his or her home, where the need for long hours in traffic or dangerous public transportation will be lessened by a lot – especially in these times of pandemic.”

Because of this, Du said they also seek to help locally stranded individuals (LSIs) find work that are near their homes in the provinces, so that they will not need to go back to Metro Manila to find a “good” work.

LSIs include workers who traveled to the National Capital Region before the national government imposed enhanced community quarantine to curb the spread of coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

“Good work, for us, doesn’t necessarily mean it pays well. The best work, for us, means that it’s near, you save a lot of time for the family and/or do other things you love, and you are sure to be safe,” he said.

Aside from jobs within users’ proximity, the app also features net pay and quality of life factor score. Net pay estimates the net salary less transportation costs, opportunities lost due to time wasted, and applicable taxes mentioned by law.

Meanwhile, Appscape also offers LapitTauhan for companies. This portal allows them to place their jobs ads in the LapitJobs app, while also making their locations visible in the map.

This portal provides companies a dashboard where they can manage applicants by shortlisting, scheduling interviews, conducting online interviews as well as informing them of the status of their applications.

Applicants will be notified of scheduled interview via text message once company schedules one for them.

Currently, the tech team is pushing to make all interviews online.

“It saves both employees and applicants hard-earned money, as well as time,” Du said.

Aside from the two recruitment platform, the whole platform also features “Tambayan,” where industry leaders from various fields come together and share their thoughts and success stories for all workers and companies “to read, share, and hopefully, implement to improve their quality of life.”

LapitJobs is available for free nationwide until the end of the year. It’s currently available on Android devices and would soon be accessible to iOS users as well.