A Filipino-made mobile game gets featured as Apple’s ‘Game of the Day’

August 28, 2020 - 5:55 PM
Potion Punch 2
Screenshot of the Filipino-developed mobile game 'Potion Punch 2.' (Photo by Monstronauts/Released)

A mobile game created by a Quezon City-based game development studio was featured in Apple App Store’s “Game of the Day” on Friday.

Potion Punch 2,” a fantasy cooking adventure game developed by Monstronauts, lets players join a young alchemist called Lyra on an epic magical quest to cure her mentor Noam’s mysterious gnomified condition.

The user plays the character of a traveling shopkeeper who runs an assortment of shops; from fantastical taverns, mystical restaurants and enchanted diners to every magical shop in between.

The player must serve various customers with “nourishing potions and delicious barbecue,” according to its description in the App Store.

“Be sure to keep potions and bottle inventory stocked, master the various color combinations, and above all—avoid burning the food,” it added.

“But even a charred meal can’t dampen Potion Punch 2’s exuberance. Broad smiles adorn every face; the end-of-level star ratings literally will jump for joy,” the App Store said.

Players can also throw “epic parties” and attract, collect and unlock new adventures on their quest. They can also decorate and renovate their own shop to increase its popularity among the diners.

(Screenshot by Interaksyon)

The game is a successor of “Potion Punch” released in May 2016 that is described as a “colorful time-management game” where players have the mission to conquer the palates of the Medieval World.

It is also the game development studio’s first title.

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“It’s also a great place to find helpful tips and tricks,” Apple said on its website.

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Other Filipino-made games that are available on the App Store include “Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade,” “Jump Squads,” “Barangay 143: Street League,” “Flippy Bottle Extreme!,” “Prison Escape Puzzle,“Make Tusok the Fishball” and “Rowan McPaddles,” among others.