Pinoy Kpop fans used lightsticks as emergency light during ‘Paeng’ blackouts

November 1, 2022 - 5:58 PM
Photo shows SEVENTEEN's lightstick (Instagram/Megan Young)

Over the weekend, when tropical cyclone Paeng hit and caused power interruption in various parts of the country, some Kpop fans used their lightstick as an emergency light source. 

A Kpop lightstick is a glowing electronic device shaped like a stick or lamp. Each fandom has a unique design of this device which is typically used to cheer Kpop idols during concerts.

An EXO fan said her Eribong fanlight served as the light in their house for 15 hours. 

“Thank God my EXO LIGHSTICK (ERIBONG) was fully charge & it served as our light for many hours,” the Twitter user said in a tweet.

On the other hand, a SEVENTEEN fan shared on Twitter that they used her Caratbong to see things clearly while cooking. 

Instead of candle lights, this TXT fan used her Moabong to make the room brighter while having dinner. 

“Whoever said lightsticks are a waste of money, then think again,” the Twitter user jokingly said in a tweet. 

Red Velvet fan similarly appreciated her lightstick for helping her survive the night. 

She also revealed the power outage had dried up her light stick’s battery. 

“Makabili na nga ng flashlight kung hindi wala talaga ako ilaw sa next brown out, ubos na rin ang battery ni RV [Red Velvet] lightstick,” she wrote

According to Meralco, the momentary and sustained power interruptions affected around 4 million customers across their franchise area. 

As of October 31, Meralco said that 24,000 customers do not still have electricity.