Bayer Philippines launches advanced, hybrid work office on 60th anniversary

November 25, 2022 - 6:19 PM
Photo of Bayer Philippines' new office that was launched on November 23, 2022 (Released)

A pharmaceutical company sought to combine collaboration and well-being through its new hybrid working space for the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bayer Philippines, a global leader in health and nutrition, opened its new hybrid working space on Wednesday, November 23 in line with its 60th anniversary.

Through its vision “Health for All, Hunger for None,” Bayer built a four-level integrated office at the heart of Taguig City where all its 1,800 employees from previous sites are now working.

Previous locations of its office operations are in Laguna and in Taguig City.

In a statement, Angel Michael Evangelista, Bayer Philippines managing director, and country division head for pharmaceuticals, highlighted that the company invested P750 million for this project.

Evangelista noted that such a big investment was for the continuity of delivering the company’s innovative products and services to their consumers and clientele.

“We are celebrating our 60th year with a PHP 750-million new office investment from where we will continue to deliver our innovative products, solutions, and services for Filipino farmers, patients, and consumers. This is in line with Bayer’s vision of Health for All, Hunger for None,” he said.

The integrated office brings together the following divisions and operations under one roof:

  • Crop Science
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Health
  • Global Business Services

Bayer Philippines’ integrated office is situated at the Science Hub Tower 1 of the McKinley Hill Cyberpark, Taguig City.

Bayer Co-Working Spaces

New normal office

Bayer Philippines joined a growing number of companies and businesses that established a hybrid work setup for its employees amid the still prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

For Bayer, its new office is based on the brand’s Next Normal Office Concept (NNOC).

With this concept combined with Bayer’s vision of health and nutrition, Bayer offered its employees an office that featured different types of modular spaces, meeting rooms and even recreational spots for their workers.

Each floor has its own theme. Meeting rooms are also named after places and provinces in the Philippines such as “Kawit”, “EDSA,” “Palawan,” “Surigao,” and “Luneta.”

There are different types of work areas that Bayer employees can choose from. These include sit-to-stand ergonomic desks and chairs, stand-alone pods, and even stationary bike desks.

Meeting rooms are also equipped with state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology to help the convenient collaboration of Filipino workers with their global counterparts.

To foster inclusivity, the company also installed Braille on key signage and built a mother’s room for nursing moms, a multi-faith room, deaf-friendly safety alarms and gender-neutral toilets on all floors.

Moreover, the company also has recreational facilities to cater to their employee’s well-being.

These include a gym with free fitness classes, a Karaoke room, a game room, lockers, kitchenettes and a Work Café.

Ernst Coppens, managing director, and Chief Operating Officer of Bayer in ASEAN, said that this is the biggest office project of the company in the region.

“This is the biggest office project of Bayer in ASEAN. Since Bayer started the global transformation program in 2021, over 70 projects at Bayer sites are adopting the next normal office concept. Coming out of the pandemic, five out of six main offices in ASEAN have completed this transformation,” Coppens said.